Ask the Money Coach: 5 Ways to Earn More Cash Before Year’s End



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  1. Janis says:

    all that there are times that is appropriate to be seen smlipy as a mother. Because women of color are not seen as such it causes all kinds of damage. When a black woman is not seen as a mother, her missing child gets no media attention. When a black woman is not seen as a mother, teachers feel confident and entitled to just smlipy track a little black boy who may just smlipy be rambunctious as ADHD/special needs/canidate for medication. When a black woman is not seen as a mother then you have people who feel that they can put up billboards in major cities stating for a fact mind you I am being so facetious that the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb of a black woman. Just as I want my girls and all children to be valued for the wonderful, amazing people that they are, I also want the same for all mothers who society deems as being in the margins.

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