Black Blogger Month: Double Saving Divas, Shopping with a Purpose

Twins Tai and Tarin Perry preach the importance of saving and budgeting to the person who needs it most—you

Tai & Tarin Perry, co-founders of

For Chicago natives Tai and Tarin Perry, the gift of thrift was more of a necessity than a hobby. Born into a family of seven, the identical twins learned early how to make a dollar stretch. The sibling entrepreneurs recall begrudgingly helping their mother clip cereal promo coupons as children, until one day they realized all of clippings and codes had amounted to a free family trip to Disney World—only then did they see the benefits of saving and couponing.

Now at 32-years old, the twins have parlayed their long-standing knowledge into, a popular blog that offers up tips and tricks committed to helping others “Save without Compromise.” With over 44,000 unique visitors in monthly traffic, the Double Saving Divas have already captured the attention of daytime TV favorites Rachel Ray and Nate Berkus, as well as TLC’s Extreme Couponing. As’s Black Blogger Month continues, the Perry sisters share the importance of saving, branding in the digital world, and just what separates a business from a hobby.

We started blogging because…

We were already highly successful at saving money and our techniques have been proven reliable over time. We had this burning desire to help as many people as possible understand the value of money and ways that they can save money and live a fulfilled life while doing so. We knew that we had something to share. We noticed that other cultures were represented predominately in the media but there was no one that looked liked us. We knew that our culture needed a recognizably relatable voice. We know that sometimes others can hear from someone that looks just like them and say, “If they can do it I can, too.”

Saving is so important for people of color because…

Before anyone else can help us we need to first learn how to help ourselves. In helping ourselves the key is to have a new vision of what our money is and what it is to be used for. Once we realize this understanding we will no longer have to wait for someone to open up a door for us. We will be in position to open up our own doors and make our own way in this world. Learning how to save money in all areas of your life is a way that the playing field can be leveled for anyone.

The one thing we’ll always pay full price for is…

Peace of mind. Peace should always be pursued at any cost. It represents our emotional atmosphere. Inner contentment is an essential element for all humanity regardless of age, race, gender or social status.  Peace is priceless! stands out from other blogs because…

We don’t just tell people where the coupons and the store deals are. We also show them how to incorporate their savings and techniques into every aspect of their lives. Also, our blog is unique because we are the only African American savvy saving identical twins in this space that we currently know of, doing what we do.

The biggest mistake we ever made in business was…

Not starting sooner.

What we learned from that was…

Once you have a vision don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps in making your vision into reality sooner rather than later. While working a 9-to-5 career, we had to take the necessary steps to incorporate our blogging into our already busy schedules. We couldn’t allow being a wife, mother, and career woman stop us from pursuing our passion in building our brand.

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  4. KateQ says:

    They are wonderful! I read their blogs ALL THE TIME! 

  5. RunnettG says:

    I really need to check this blog out. I need the help.

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