Black Wealth Initiative: Wealth for Life

Principles get makeover to encompass todays challenges

learn how to live within their means and maximize their income potential through knowledge.

“Living within your means sounds very simple, but that is one of the top issues within our community,” Hughes says. “We also wanted to really talk about the fact that you can change your financial picture through education, which is the second Wealth For Life principle. A lot of people are doing that. With unemployment rates higher than ever, now is the time for the jobless to learn another career or further themselves during their current profession by advancing their education.”

The Black Enterprise Business Report will also integrate consumer-driven advice into weekly segments. “The wealth building segment on BEBR will be one of the most obvious changes on the show. It will present a direct outlet to illustrate the new Wealth For Life Principles,” says Genevieve Michel-Bryan, senior producer of BEBR and Our World with Black Enterprise. “As we maintain the spirit of Wealth for Life, we will actively address each principle on a more evenly and consistent basis than we did before with DOFE.” will intersect original interactive editorial with supplemental content from the magazine and television show to implement the principles. In addition, will supply hands-on resources and tools, such as mortgage, cost-of-living, savings, and retirement calculators.

Finally, Black Enterprise hopes that our readers and viewers will use the message of financial empowerment to ensure that family and friends also adhere to sensible money management principles, support the creation and growth of minority-owned businesses, and strengthen the community through philanthropy.

Check out our new principles here.

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