Cozette M. White Creates Chore System That Teaches Kids About Money and Wealth

Kids earn money, not burn through their parents' money

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4. We took the kids to the bank to set up both a savings and checking account (Select banks offer minor checking accounts.) Prior to setting up the accounts, we had the kids do homework assignments to determine which financial institute was offering the highest interest rates. They were each shown how to track all deposits and withdrawals. Once the bank statements arrived, we sat down with the kids and showed them how to read the statements.

5. It’s a very fundamental system that instills and teaches children money management in a simple, yet creative, rewarding and fun way. After all, we can’t expect the school system to teach our kids about money. Finance 101 must start in the home.

White is currently birthing her next book on wealth, prosperity and abundance. She believes that all things are manifested by believing and using the law of attraction. “If you believe deeply and are willing to put the effort in reprogramming your mindset, then you will attract more than you can imagine is possible.” Wealth, prosperity and abundance is about mindset transformation, using affirmations frequently to take control of your finances and create the lifestyle you desire.

My Financial Home hosts bi-weekly webinars on various topics related to money, wealth and finances. Every Wednesday, wealth speakers will be featured on various wealth-building matters, such as mindset, debt, budgeting, retirement, credit, investments, trust and wills, taxes and tips for millennials. The Infinity Wealth Circles Kids Book Series, What All Kids Should Know About Money, launches in a few months. Upcoming speaking events are The Unstoppable Confidence Networking Conference in Tempe, Arizona, September 17 – 19, 2015, and Women Ignited Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, October 23-24, 2015.

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