Fools Gold?

Determining if Cash4Gold is worth its weight

The gold empire has been at the heart on online scrutiny as complaints mount. Over at, there are numerous postings criticizing the company and its policies. Cash4Gold isn’t alone in customer dissatisfaction,  complaints for other scrap gold companies can be found all over the Web, all you have to do is a simple Google search.

Cash4Gold’s D rating from the BBB and GMA’s test send up a huge red flag. So maybe all that glitters ain’t…

Brodie offers this tip for anyone looking to sell scrap gold. “Find a local appraiser. You may get a better price and you don’t run the risk of your merchandise being lost or stolen.” Check out the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers for an appraiser in your area.

Renita Burns is the editorial assistant at

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  • william robinson

    whats worth is weight in gold is information check into the estell richardson murder case and gus puyer it is time for accountability seriously check it out

  • Terrence

    I have heard about these scams for months now. I wanted to sell some gold I didn’t want anymore but I didn’t want to be made a fool so I shopped around. I found a place that did me right called the Silver and Gold Exchange. They put the prices they are paying right up front on their website so there are no games.

  • Cynthia Bennett

    Thank you for this story. So many of us are looking for extra money and selling our old gold is certainly an option. I looked into Cash4Gold and several other online companies, and each time didn’t get a good feeling about the process. So I attended a Golden Girls Gold Party in Atlanta and discovered a really great group of ladies with a great business. It was very simple. They sat with me and weighed my gold in front of me. They explained the pricing to me and paid me on the spot. I had received offers from two jewelry stores and my boyfriend got an offer from a pawn store, and Golden Girls paid me $122 more than the highest offer. Plus, they donate money to charities from their own proceeds. It was no pressure; very honest; and they are fully licensed. It was a great experience and I would say, “Don’t send your gold to someone you don’t know or deal with someone that isn’t fully upfront with you.” I highly recommend Golden Girls.

  • william robinson

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  • william robinson

    Let me say this to about the estell richardson case people would beleive me on what i was saying if there wasnt so much preferential treatment in law enforcement and as black people we know there is alot of that those gaurds at cca loved there job so much because of it they know it was a security blanket when they did the foul things they did bush loves it to because of the security it has you see they never snitch on each other its defeniatly not common place but they stress infasis on others telling on others bush loves this and thats how he has been able to manipulate people around me and probably other situations as well you have to catch his people in the act before they will say anything and then you still have to watch what they are saying because they will try to protect there other accomplices by lying to mislead the rest of a investigation bush used his pull to mask that murder of estell richardson

  • Get a clue people. This is supposed to be a business magazine and business blog for crying out loud.

    This is not a “scam”. Why do you see cash for gold commercials popping up everywhere?

    In simple terms we are in a recession. People are concerned about the U.S. Dollar collapsing and thus having a worthless currency.

    So that means people would need to rely on another type of currency. In this case it is gold. So that is why companies are running commercials on the Super Bowl and other places where they can reach people in volume? Because the people who own the most amount of dollars have the most to lose. Think about it. It is actually common sense.

    Look at who is advertising products? Ed McMahon and MC Hammer…too former branded personalities who appealed to urban and poorer communities (i.e. look who we are making a millionaire this week on Publisher’s Clearing House). That is their audience. People who are misinformed, might be hard pressed for cash and do not have the resources or credibility to do anything should something go wrong. So those personalities probably receive a small percentage of the sales via licensing (i.e. why you aren’t getting the amount of money you thought you would).

    So as the market continues to crash and everyone’s money is lost in real estate and their stock portfolio, the only thing that might have some value is gold (IN VOLUME) hence cash for gold type websites and programs. Personally speaking, if I was that hard pressed for cash I think I would go out and use my worthless U.S. dollars to buy cases of Scotch instead.

    Read the Financial Times (UK) if you want real business news.



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