The Cutting Edge: Beware of Stimulus-Related Scams

Don't get sucked in by con artists with fraudulent claims

and $3 to cover shipping of a Google Home Business Kit. Interestingly enough, after the FTC news conference last week, Jessica’s Money Blog was no longer accessible by its Web address, according to the Los Angeles Times. Now, the site operates under a different Web address, with the same false information.

Another site,, also promises to help you access $12,000 in government grants within 30 days. The friendly, conversational tone is quite convincing. The blog says, “Note: I hate all those ‘get rich quick’ schemes you see on TV where they tell you that you’re going to make thousands on real estate investing or some other crap…”

This is the same phrasing used on Jessica’s Money Blog. What’s more startling about the site is the missing time stamp on the user comments. This is at least a minor indication that the site may not be legit.

Some of the scams encourage you to click on links or open attached forms, which may be even worse than sending in money. Simply clicking the link or opening the document can install harmful software, like spyware, on your computer, leaving your personal information in the hands of an identity their, warns the FTC.

E-con artists are also guising themselves as the Internal Revenue Service, so watch out. If you get an unexpected email from someone claiming to be from the IRS and asking you to call a number or email back personal information, forward it to, then delete it without clicking on any links or opening any attachments. If you think you are the target of a scam, you also can file a complaint with the FTC.

If you think you’re eligible for a government grant, check out, an official government site with free information. And for more information about the economic stimulus package, visit

Remember, only sites ending in “.gov” are official government sites, so steer clear of someone offering any type of government money from a “.net,” “.info,” or “.com.”

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