The Cutting Edge: Cell Phone Bills

Ways to manage your wireless plan, save money

negotiator: Negotiating is an art, and if you’ve had run-ins with creditors, it’s an art most of us should learn to master. “I think your best bet is to call you provider and ask to speak to a supervisor,” Simons says. But he warns, since carriers are not given as much discretion anymore, it may be harder to negotiate. But it’s still worth a try, especially if you’ve run over your minutes or text allowance. If you’ve paid on time or have been a longtime customer, some providers may credit the fee or at least part of it.

Understand your bill: Aside from reviewing your bill for any usage patterns, it’s important to understand all charges. Understand peak calling periods, area coverage, roaming and termination charges, says the Federal Trade Commission. Take advantage of the trial period offered by most providers. Use this time to make sure the service provides coverage in all the places you will be using the phone, i.e. home, work, and places you frequent.

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