The Cutting Edge: Lowering Your Healthcare Costs

Finding ways to get affordable coverage, medicines

insurance discount is more than the cash price.” You can also pay cash for your own lab work at and

Be sure to ask questions. If you have a health savings account or high deductible plan, ask your doctor if you really need the test. “If [doctors] know you’re price sensitive, they react in a different way than if you have HMO,” Herrick says.

Do your research. Before you begin your search, find out exactly what you need in a healthcare plan. “How will you be covered in an emergency? What will happen if you need some kind of surgery?” Benjamin says. “You want to make sure you get a comprehensive policy so that you are getting the core of what you need,” he adds. Also important are any policy exclusions such as eye or dental care.

For more on slashing healthcare costs, visit my Cost Cutting blog.

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  • Tracy Haugabook, Jr.

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    Thank You,
    Tracy Haugabook, Jr.
    Argosy University

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