The Cutting Edge: Thanksgiving

Find ways to save while creating the perfect holiday feast

to attract shoppers. Many stores are offering price-matches, says Todd, citing announcements from Shop Rite, A&P and Stop and Shop. But, “for turkey, the price is pretty close to what was a year ago.” He says potatoes will have consumers digging deeper into their wallets. With all the specials consumers will have many opportunities to cut grocery costs. Visit your grocers Web site and compare their savings with other stores in your area.

It’s Not Too Late to Travel:
If you haven’t booked your plane ticket by now, all is not lost. Though airline tickets may be creeping up as the holiday nears, offers cheap bus tickets for those looking to get out of town. A roundtrip ticket to Washington from New York will only set you back $20.

Trade in the European Wines:
If you plan to serve wine, take a look for bottles from South Africa, Argentina, and Chile, instead of wines from France or Italy, says because these wines can be cheaper. Also, if there is a beer/wine distributer in your area, consider making a visit to stock your bar.

Even though gas prices are falling, don’t go driving out of your way just to save a dollar or two here or there.

For more Thanksgiving saving ideas, my sample Turkey Day dinner, or to share your own tips, visit my Cost Cutting blog.

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