David Banner’s 4 Money Management Lessons for Black America


David Banner

  • Mary Ford

    Money management is what I’m looking for.

  • Wendy Tucker

    Dear David,
    I just read your article and I think that it’s spot on. My son is 21 years old and is an aspiring rap artist, he’s good and he knows it. That’s the problem. He thinks that his talent will get him a million dollar record deal but what I try to explain to him is that his talent alone is not enough. He dropped out of school and doesn’t have his GED. Although I’ve tried to get him to finish, its been an uphill battle. He tells me that it takes time away from his rap career, the problem with that logic is that he doesn’t have a rap career. You have a career when you get benefits from it like money and an ability to take care of yourself. He thinks that I am being a dream thief, but in reality I am only thinking about his future. Someone has to. The people he so calls his friends only fill his head with unfulfilled promises. I fear that he will be 30 with no education,no place to go except the streets and a way to make quick money which can lead to trouble. He has endearing qualities and he is good at what he does, I just want him to be smart about his choices. I know that an educated African-American male has greater success than an uneducated one. He just doesn’t get it. Can you help?
    Wendy Tucker