Establishing A Legacy of Wealth: Part 1

We must work on taking the poverty out of the people

True, many of us didn’t receive an inheritance, and are living within economic conditions which are very difficult to get out of.  However, we as a people don’t realize that, “eighty percent of America’s millionaires are first generation rich,” according to the best-selling classic on the study of wealth, The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.  What have we done with the little that we have?  Have we continued to complain that it wasn’t enough to be sufficient, or have we made the most of it and tried our best to make it grow?  “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” (Proverbs 21:5)

Luke 19:11-13 tells me that it is not only our responsibility, but our obligation to be responsible for what we have been given and continue to grow financially.  This is our duty, not the government’s, and certainly not the “oppressors” who have discriminated against us.  While legislation such as affirmative action is still necessary, and welfare is still needed in many of the inner-city areas of the community (and other areas), many of us continue to use these systems as a crutch.  Welfare was not intended as a continued means of living, but only a temporary subsidy to allow that individual or family to get back on its feet.  The problem with relying on government programs to shelter and save us is that the government takes people out of poverty. As African Americans, we must work on taking the poverty out of the people.

Part 1: Taking The Poverty Out of the People

Part 2: Taking Care of Business

Part 3: Taking Stock of How We Spend

Part 4: Taking Control of Our Destinies

Ryan Mack is president of Optimum Capital Management, LLC

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  • By the way: Are you going to construct a list (by zip code) of black-owned businesses. God Bless America and freedom of choice. I am certain that those claiming that this is racist do not understand that racism usually requires that harm is being done..just because money are going to black-owned businesses that otherwise may go to white or publicly-owned (stocks are traded) businesses does not constitute harm to the white-owned businesses.

  • Sorry: message was intended for the Empowermet Experiment…John Aderson/Maggie Anderson.

  • Correll

    as a black man, i know my failures and successes are directly correlated to the decisions i make. i have long forgot about slavery, the nay sayers, and the like because i am too focused on moving forward. long gone are the days when i could see only past my nose. my head has since been in the sky. it is so much out here for me. it is so much i can do. nothing can hold me back. i will teach my sons and daughters this (when i get some). i suggest we move in that direction.

    Very Respectfully…

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  • Andrew

    I like the input that he gives from the Bible because it is more in there than we know. When the Israelites left Egypt they had a great portion of wealth and were able to obtain more.

  • Andrew

    I also think we should teach that enteprenuership is not a bad thing.When you know what others want and can provide it…

  • I notice that you quote scripture. I thought that the human race is what God is concerned with. I understand your message, but this is a message of the world. If you are truly a disciple of Christ then we need to be discussing how to build wealth in His Kingdom and not only concentrating on one race. Jesus said that His mother, brother etc. is whoever does His Father’s will. This message is too dead. We need to be evangelizing the balcks who are not in the Spirit of Unity to Jesus, not to segregation again. How about “The Community of Believers. By the way, I am a black woman, raised in the ‘hood of Detroit, MI. Just wanted to encourage you to bring a message of human unity, not segregation/stereoptype. God Bless You
    “Out of the abundance of the heart…the mouth speaks”

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