Finding the Right Personal Finance Applications

See how these virtual money-tracking tools stack up

TapExpense Lite

tapexpense copyBy far this is my least favorite of the three. Though this app is easy to navigate, the categories are limited. You can add additional categories such as rent/mortgage, taxes, car etc. but who has time to do that? Some, may however, find the customizable categories helpful if their expenses are atypical. A bonus for this feature is the full report that displays your income and expenditures in an easy to read list. Users can also customize the report to display their finances in a more preferable manner. You can also export the data as an Excel file or CVS file which is a great way to transfer the information to your personal computer for record keeping.

Price: Tap Expense Lite is free. Tap Expense is $4.99.

For more information on these applications, as well as others, access the Applications store via your iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iTunes store. Also, reviews apps for the small business owner.

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