Holiday Hot Button: Not-So-Merry Marital Tensions

Cost-saving tips to save your family a little money (and headache) this holiday season

Be creative…

Put your creativity to good use. Many holiday traditions and events can be reshaped to reduce the budget while still maintaining the warmth of the special occasion. For example, instead of catering a fancy holiday dinner, host a potluck and ask everyone attending to bring their favorite holiday dish. You could even suggest that they bring recipes cards along with their dish, so they can share them.

For those who have loved ones living far away, soaring travel costs can be a major concern. Use the “Plan Ahead” strategy to monitor discounts on fares, and rates. However, if travel costs are not in the budget, always remember that loved ones can still celebrate in spirit by taking advantage of the various communication tools out there, Couples can send digital photos, record an send voice greetings or host video chats.

Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario is President and CEO of Recapturing the Vision International, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy marriages and family strengthening. Also a published author, speaker and nationally regarded media personality, Dr. Del Rosario has been a certified pre and post-marital counselor for more than 20 years. Her cutting-edge series, Marriage Solutions and The Marital Constitution™, help couples successfully work through problems and find healthy solutions. She has two children and currently resides in Miami, Fl with her husband of over 20 years. Dr. Del Rosario may be reached online at

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