8 Responses to 10 Power Moves to Help You Better Manage Your Money

  1. I could not have said it better! Make money to invest not to consumer all the time

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  4. Rob Wilson says:

    Derek, these are all great tips! I think folks don’t invest because they don’t understand it. To that end, I’ve created the March Money Madness Bracket Challenge to use sports to educate people about investing. Works just like the bracket for the NCAA Tournament, but with stocks. Ckeck it out at

  5. Klaus Meier says:

    Finally to see someone mention it. Well spoken and concise. African nations appreciate every penny invested in their continent. We are also very active through high growth African Funds. Have a wonderful day!

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  7. polo says:

    thanks: this smell has uplifted my frangrances collection thatnks for sucj an awesome smell and very enticing;

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