Sick And Tired Of Your Money Problems? Try Hill Harper’s ‘Wealth Cure’

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To that end, among other things, Harper urges us to commit to a Smart Money Contract. Some of the terms of that contract are:

Never accumulate credit card debt. If you have credit card debt, pay more than the minimum payments and negotiate lower interest rates directly with the credit card provider.

Research the type of investments that are appropriate for your goals and make investing part of your monthly budget.

Start now. No matter where you are in terms of age or income, you can and should seek to invest in ways that are appropriate for you.

Reinvest your income and dividends to make your investments grow exponentially.

Think long term, not get rich quick. Be patient and don’t ever panic.

Most important, believe that you can become what Hill calls a “Smart Money Master.” His point: Once you change your mindset about money, you will make better money decisions and be on the path to true wealth, which includes physical, mental and spiritual wellness as well as healthy finances.

Sounds an awful lot like the Wealth for Life financial principles we urge you to adopt in BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine every month, doesn’t it? Not bragging. Just saying.

Be sure to pick up and read The Wealth Cure. If you are plagued with money problems, it absolutely could be the cure for what ails you.

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