Set Yourself up for Financial Success [Infographic]

MetLife provides money management tips for young adults

If you want to be successful in your finances, it’s important to engage in early planning and sound money management. Paying careful attention to your finances is the key to achieving financial freedom.

In an effort to assist young adults with taking control of their financial lives, MetLife is spreading the message of proactive financial planning. They are presenting ten money management tips through “10 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success,” which is part of their workplace-based PlanSmart Financial Education Series.

Among the tips are signing up for your employer’s retirement plan, getting proper insurance, and aiming for a FICO score of 760.

Click on the infographic for more.

  • datracker

    Ngo, again, supplies us with helpful aspirational information related to our personal finances. However, to get to these financial goals, one needs to take a more granular approach. Budgeting is key, but, more important, is tracking your money daily so that you wind up at your budget goals.

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  • Steven Odom

    Great article, but I feel that the key to financial success is to make every penny work for. I feel that in the 10-Step Financial Success by Metlife is not the steps that the wealthy use to obtain wealth. I feel that the way to success is to make every penny work for you. Metlife’s first step is still leaving money on the table.