Survey Finds Disconnect Between Beliefs and Financial Planning for Blacks

Though optimistic, many aren't proactive

can do to improve the state of their communities, explains Smiley.

Unlike SOBU’s of the past, this year Smiley is partnering with MTV for a young scholars forum and will feature a live blogger’s roundtable Webcast, which will not air on C-SPAN. Next week, Smiley will conduct a series of town hall meetings in conjunction with a 10-city book tour sponsored by United Healthcare.

While balancing the book tour, Smiley will also manage America I AM: The African American Imprint on America, which debuted at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, January 15, 2009, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. This four-year touring museum exhibition, sponsored by Walmart and Exxon/Mobile, celebrates 400 years of African American contributions to America.

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