Planning, Diligence Key in Re-entering Workforce after Retirement

Being informed can save you a world of trouble

working and never retire,” Oliver says.  Don’t let a job be your only retirement strategy!

What else should I know?

Everyone’s individual situation is different, so contact an experienced financial advisor to answer your specific money, tax, and retirement questions.

Once you’ve done your planning, you can head back to work with confidence. “When a retiree re-enters the workforce, employers benefit by having the wisdom and experience those seasoned citizens have, and the employee has a place where they can receive additional cash flow and maybe enjoy reduced health care insurance costs,” says Sanders.  It’s a true win-win for everyone.

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  • Aviator

    To help seniors under the full retirement age on
    Social Security who have lost 40% to 60% of their
    retirement savings, there is currently a bill
    introdued in the U.S. House of Representives,
    Bill H.R. 322, to amend Title II of the Social
    Security Act, to remove the limitation upon the
    amount of outside income which an individual may
    earn while receiving benifit under such title.