You Can Retire Early

Live off of your retirement income before age 62

can take
out, penalty-free.

Five years or 59-1/2. Suppose, for example, John Smith retires at age 48 and wants to tap his IRA without paying a penalty. He does not have to start by taking out 1/36 of his account in year one and gradually draw down the entire account over 36 years. Instead, he can keep up his SOSEPP for five years or until age 59 1/2,
whichever comes later.

John starts his withdrawals at age 48, so he must continue until 59-1/2. If Tracy James starts at age 56, she must continue until at least age 61. Once you’re past both the five-year and age-59-1/2 hurdles, you can take out as much or as little as you’d like, without paying a penalty.

More or less. The SEPP rules permit you to decide among various methods, which result in different distribution amounts.

Minimum distribution amounts. You may want to take a relatively small amount from your IRA or 401(k), leaving as much as possible in the account to support a long retirement. In that case, you might take 1/36 of the account in year one, if you have a 36-year life expectancy, about 1/35 of the account in year two, etc.

Maximum distribution amounts. The Internal Revenue Service permits you to use an “amortization” method instead. In essence, you project how large your retirement account will grow over the years and take your SOSEPP based on that projected appreciation. Depending on your age and on the level of interest rates in effect at the time you start a SOSEPP, you might be able to take two or even three times as much from your retirement account, penalty-free, as you could with the minimum distribution method. (The IRS also permits an “annuitization” method, but it’s seldom used.)

Using recent interest rates, for example, a 50-year-old using the minimum distribution method would be able to withdraw nearly $11,000 a year from a $500,000 IRA, without owing a 10% penalty. With amortization, he could take out $23,000 or so, penalty-free.

Your accountant or financial adviser should be able to walk you through the calculations so you can choose the appropriate method for SOSEPP withdrawals. Be careful, though.

“Contributing just $1 to an account that has begun these distributions could trigger retroactive penalties plus interest,” says Cortazzo. Withdrawing more or less than the permitted amount can also trigger penalties. Therefore, you should be confident that you’ll maintain your SOSEPP precisely until you pass both five years and age 59-1/2.

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    The rules about retirement accounts can be very confusing. Thanks for helping to clarify.

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    I was very impressed by Tyrese  Gibson’s speech on the Trumpet Awards. It was a very motivating speech. The kind of speech that will help one to master the fear of taking on the challenge of starting a small business. Networking with positive people fires up that yes I can feeling.

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    This tips is so informational….

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    I see this as a key factor that hold so many would be entrepreneurs back is overcoming their own fears. We’ll talk our own selves out of our dreams

  5. Edwardboyd77 says:

    Without a plan A<B<c it is reaLLY HARD TO take risk ! Careful thinking seems to always help in making the best choicesat risk taking ventures!

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    Does the potential reward outweigh your risk? YES! This article confirms what I’ve been thinking for the next step for my business,

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  10. YFS Magazine says:

     Thanks Treena, for your feedback. A Plan B can be applied to internal resources and management of any suppliers, vendors or partners you may have. Change in business is inevitable — so having a solid plan and option base will help you navigate “the unexpected” with ease.

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     Take small calculated risks at first and seek “qualified” advice on how to minimize them. Sometimes we are so close to the trees we can’t see the forest.

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     Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to fail — it’s only data points to begin more intelligently.

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     Very true. It should be in the manual! 🙂

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     Focus on delegation – hire interns to free up your time so you can spend more of it growing your business.

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     Yes. You should focus on selling and shipping — but long term you must scale. Look for contract manufacturers in your area via ThomasNet and schedule site visits. As long as it’s just you — you limit production capability.

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    This is another wall.  The money aspect and the risk aspect of starting a business.  I want a business, but my decision is how bad do I want and what am I willing to sacrifice to make it a success?  

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    The way I see it, you only live once. Play smart and play hard.

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    I like the quote, “The more you know, the less you fear.” This is true. I’m adopting this it my list of life lessons.

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    Great information working on my plan c and d to minimize my risk

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    This was a great article. I like the idea of having backup plans for the back up plan and then something else!! A great way to cover all of your bases and keep yourself protected!

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