Who Benefits Most From New FICO Scoring Method?

Modifications could be a plus for some, big minus for others

as six months to go into full effect.

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Renita Burns is the editorial assistant at BlackEnterprise.com.

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  • Ms. Wanda

    FYI: There is a typo in the second paragraph of this article and the paragraph that starts with Let’s.

  • deebee

    Apparently there is not much difference for young citizens who may or will attempt to acquire credit. As for adults, these changes may stipulate a newly revived responsibility to the young: To remember to sit down with their children and to teach them the importance of ‘Credit’ and what it means to have the privilege of having credit. As for the whole of America this is but another representation of just how dire our nations economic situation really is. But we must remember that it took all of us combined to get to this point: Our political leaders, our nations businesses, and many of the nations consumers. And it will take all of us to get from under this ‘dark’ veil of impoverty – All of us – Together as one force – as 1-Nation.
    One Nation under GOD we trust!