New Mailbox App for iPhone Helps You Better Manage Your Gmail Inbox
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

(Image: Mailbox)

The ability to check email on any mobile device is a blessing…and, truthfully, a curse at times. While you’re able to stay connected from virtually anywhere, the non-stop emails flooding your inbox are enough to make any sane person just a little mad. But the right tool can help you deal with email overload.

Mailbox, a free iPhone app, is designed to fix email clutter by organizing your Gmail.

“By swiping to the left or the right on any email sitting in your inbox, you can schedule an email to resurface at the top of your list at a later time, check it off and archive it, file it away to a secondary list, or delete it entirely,” writes CNNMoney’s Adrian Covert.

“When you open an email, those same four actions can be carried out by tapping one of the four icons running across the top of the screen. And like any other good email app, you have the option to reply, forward and star emails.”

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