11 Black Presidents Under 50 & Their Presidents’ Day Advice for Obama

Presidential advice for the Commander-in-Chief from men and women of color who hold similar titles in business

Name: Christine Carter
Organization: Against All Odds Foundation
Title: Founder, President and CEO
Age: 30

What makes her an effective President:

As a direct product of the New Jersey foster care system, Carter brings passion to her role as an advocate for children. Her organization focuses on a slew of programs designed to enrich the education of children and provide social services for underserved families. Most recently, Carter was featured on The Wendy Williams Show kicking off their “My Black Is Beautiful” initiative.

My advice for President Obama:

“In order to effectively address the complex issues affecting underserved families and at-risk populations, I would strongly recommend that [Obama] assess, identify and respond to the holistic needs of these families by first and foremost connecting directly with them. Their responses will give [him] and [his] administration invaluable insight that will reshape the Human Services arena. I have five suggestions as [he] continues in [his] leadership role. One, remain true to the established platform on which [he] was elected. Two, continue to maintain a close circle of objective advisors. Three, consistently rise above the challenges of partisanship and negative criticism. Four, strengthen [his] legacy by developing the next generation of world leaders and public servants through educational and community development investments. Five, continue to not only have the ‘audacity of hope’ but the audacity to serve.”

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  • norman

    ON >>>>THE>>>>MOVE>>>TO>>>PROGRESS>>>>2012

    • Brian

      Part of the problem and the cause of young black people is operating from a Social Justice methodology… If your mind set is such that society owes me something you are just holding yourself back. There is no such thing as social justice!

      Having a job is an honor to be appreciated and protected. It is not a gift or a right given to you by God or the Government. Take Dr Martin Luther Kings way of thinking… I want to be judged on my character and merits, not on my skin color. That approach and attitude is exactly how these 11 fine men got to where they are. Education, hard work, strong character and a willingness to compete.

      The reason that the black education level and unemployment rate is so low and high respectively is… Social Engineering gone bad. LBJ had good intentions when he passed the Welfare program. His intent was to help the Black society out of their poverty and to help them all get a better education. However… The end result was that that very program pretty much decimated the black family structure that had been so strong during the earlier part of the 1900’s. Back then it was the Church and family that made the black people so strong and robust as a group and the vast majority of black families were 2 parent households.

      The Welfare program paid young unmarried mothers to stay home and care for their children. The key word there is unmarried. The end result was that very few black men would marry the mother of their child. Today that figure is 70%. Then during that time it became popular to not go to school and not to be an uncle Tom and submit to doing what the white man wanted you to. The end result of the welfare program was a lower education level and a fractured family structure. Like I said… Social Engineering gone bad!

      However… All during that time 30 percent of black people

      • Greg

        How about this? How about we begin a reverse the trend in what has been an indoctrination of the American public to embrace, dedicate to and trust American Corporate Elites and business’s. Choosing to work for someone else and deciding to put your life in their hands rather than taking complete responsibility for your own standing in life is a very risky venture. But what American business WANTS from the Amreican people is just that!
        Are they open to this dedication in complete acknowledgement and respect that people CAN make DIFFERENT choices other than deciding to be part of the obedient little labor pool which is the heart of their money making machines?
        Without the labor pool you have nothing! Are we going to continue to teach the labor pool that the rationale behind making this choice no longer makes sense? People are being educated to the fact today that they do not matter and eventually people will begin to make choices that will change and rattle the very foundation in which the arrogance of business relies upon.
        If someone is willing to put their life into your hands when they DO have choices to work for themselves instead somewhat ungreatful? Isn’t it dangerous if one wnats to keep the dedication of the labor pool intact?
        They have to be able to rationalize that there is something in it for them beyond mere existence short of any American Dream standard, correct or not?
        American business can dis themselves from American workers by outsourcing, lowering pay and benefits leaving average Americans with no source or hope for their own American dream.
        American business, Republicans and their supporters act as if someone who has no education does not deserve to be able to afford a small 1000 sf. home, afford the car, insurance and maintenance cost of an automobile to get back and forth to their job. They act as if we also do not deserve health care or a retirement fund.
        They are in complete denial of the cost’s American families need to meet bare minmal basics minus the American Dream! For what? Increased profits for the special interests.
        People will rise up! People will get tired of this and it might not manifest in forcing those that have to give to those that don’t.
        It might manifest itself in the lower classes waking up and creating for themselves. Problem is, where will this leave todays corporate business’s, their stock holders and true snobs of this country? Is it possible their labor pools will begin to dry up? Is it possible that the notion of working for someone else will become a stigma in society that only an ignorant person would choose?
        So those business owners and special interests? Well, I think THEY should ASLO be greatful for what they have in labor pool candidates as it CAN go away! Right now we have the best of both worlds and both sides should be greatful for that. But this mentality against labor is sure to change the dynamics of everything we’ve known if it continues. I somehow believe it will continue as professionalism today seems to lakc common street sense and is destructive in the long term.
        Time will tell, People will know the only thing American business will accept is the death of them for the purpose of profit and belonging to the labor pool will no longer be an option.
        The Republicans are the largest proponents of staunch immigration issues yet they are the largest beneficiaries of illegal immigration for the exploitation of labor costs. What will they do without illegal immigrants????
        The future will be different and it most definitely will NOT result in people accepting less and less until they are starving. Does that make any sense? At what point will the business intent to continue to increase their profits at the expense to it’s labor pool run out? When will it stop? The answer is, it won’t! And with that yiou have proof and common sense to tell you this will all change. For those that have it all today that don’t change their tune it will be ugly. For those that have nothing it will be a beautiful day and will ahve been gained from their own hard work rather than giving the fruits of that hard work to those who never appreciated it. Let them eat cake.

        • joe parker

          i don’t know but you bellyache and complain more than my grandma. ok its very simple anyone living in the untied states has the freedom to work any job he or she desires. we need wealthy people to keep a nation alive how you ask with out the wealth who pays the taxes, who the list is very long. poor and middle class do not pay the taxes a wealthy man pays. obama worships malcolm x and took what malcolm believed in to the white house. malcolm x said there were no black nations well he was wrong because there were even with democracies and laws and where they stood ranked with the rest of the nations. obama did just what malcolm x would do that is why our inner cities of young and old negro’s are out of control. the negro today believes that they have been racially profiled and just because they are negros they police kill them. again all bullshit. what has happened is the preaching of hatred amongst the white people and police. do lives matter to them no why its simple when a child is killed by another negro then no one protests and riots. why don’t negros in the there own community stand up to crime and help the police solve the murders of innocent children why don’y they you ask a brother does not go against another brother or sister. thats why the negro’s are so messed up and get no respect its actually very funny to listen to an uneducated man or woman talk they put the words togather because they talk there talk and its so funny. you have said the wealthy dont care and people don’t matter thats a lie its all bullshit what you have done is take a few bad man and now want to punish all of them thats profiling. you talk about middle class the middle class hurt themselves some years back when they sued everything and sued us almost out of existence, thats how inflation well a big part and the entitlement mentality of negros were everyone owes them something the country owes no one antything you come here you make it on your own like my ancestors did. the man who wants to work then work if your job is unsafe move or file a report with labor board they do work for all i know. and for the man who works and puts himself through college i would throw a party for and we have our freedom here its what you make of it. why is there more negros looked up in our prisons across america than any other race can you answer that. look at the countries of africa there is no law and order no justice no democracy how cana nation thrive where a negro is rapping, tortured, and sold they even do population control in some of the nations. so i hope you read what i said have a blessed day and one more research why malcolm x believed that Jesus was a muslim and believed in islam malcolm x was an idiot or just plain stupid why do i bring this up obama believes in what malcolm x believed in

      • Jessica

        Obama is doing what he can but we live in a democracy. Everything that he and the datocrems are trying to achieve has been shot down by the Republicans who have been voting No on everything. Don’t blame the people that are trying to help the middle class, blame the people that are holding middle class tax cuts just so the very wealthy can keep their yachts and 2nd summer homes. Besides, it was the failed right wing/Bush policies that caused the unemployment in the first place.

        • Andrew Clay

          “Everything that he and the datocrems are trying to achieve has been shot down by the Republicans who have been voting No on everything. ” The more you keep repeating that erroneous information, the harder it makes it for us to rise above it. Brother Obama had the entire Ruling sector for two years.. there weren’t enough Repubs to vote down anything. He, and the other Demos, failed to do anything other than concentrate solely on passing the Health bill.. I think the reason for that was because they couldn’t blame any failure on the Repubs.. accepting responsibility and admitting that you are wrong sometimes is a part of growing up.. Seems that they still have some of that to do.

          • joe parker

            i read what you posted and your wrong all wrong obama believes the same as maloclm x yeshe does very much so if not all of it malcolm x was a 100% idiot or just plain stupid he talked about there are no black nations well there are many how many can you name i will give one botswana ever here of this black nation with a democracy and laws they have one problem aids and hiv so there are more nations have you ever researched them and malcolm also said Jesus was muslim and believed in islam thats what makes him stupid to say that whats happening to negros is the negro himself just like whats going in some countries of africa no law and order and a negro rapping a negro and torturing other negros and selling it still is going on today i thought negros say black lifes matter i think you forgot about the negros in africa and the children here negro’s that is all the protest don’t mean shit its just about what a negro can get for free. or get out of going to prison. see i know about the negro mentality don’t helppolice solve murders why a brother does not go against a brother or a sister right and you really care about the little girl who playing outside and a thug kills her whils the whole family is having a get togather and no one saw anything sad its almost funny watching and hearing a negro man or woman try to talk on tv they can’t put the words or sentences togather its funny they talk that inner-city negro talk and when one tries to talk to them its like trying to understand someone who is mentally challenged. why do neros say this is not your country and stand for the anthem and our flag well if you don’t like it there are black nations in africa negros can live just move there. why do negros bellyache and complain all the time they act like they are the only ones who have ever had it bad. thats just plain stupid we know alot of negros are stupid they did not go school instead lived a life of crime is monkey see monkey do in the negro communities where know its all about gang and killing one day all thugs will face God and the llok on there faces when they hear you can’t enter into heaven hatred and rapping and killing is all the works of satan the negros are following him he has the loose around every negro and they don’t even know it they love money wealth and fame and the men want more woman than he can handle and satan knows the price he has the negro soul

      • Susy

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    • Colin

      you’re hitting the nail on the head!

  • DC Herbert

    After reading the black presidents resumes and advice to obama, it appears they are thinking, acting and suggesting things for black America and black community projects. In addition, they all seem to be presidents at small scale “organizations” or “community projects”, do they grasp the macro economics of the big picture. They are thinking like the white and black slave owners from 200 years ago. All of the good and repudiation services, programs and laws that were made for us blacks in America to grow and achieve and our black presidents are doing exactly what was done to us. Quit thinking like black and white and start thinking about merits, drive and accomplishments. I went to an inner city school and chose not to be a sheep and achieved a college degree and now have my own company. We are wasting so many good man hours on racial bs when everybody should be judged on their actions, choices, merits and what they have accomplished. I am appalled that black leaders/mentors think so outdated. If their were a white board panelled on here I would be just as outraged. Step up America. If somebody is a menace to society and chose to flunk out of school and do bad, then damn it let them learn and improve themselves in a dump, cell, rehab or whatever they need to think about how to become a good productive citizen. I voted for Obama in 08 because he was black and I am ashamed of the demonstration of racism I displayed by doing that. Now look where we are… black unemployment is around 15%, gas is nearly doubled, he cowards to the other leaders in the world and he is in way over his head. I am sorry for my racist vote last election America, this time I will vote with my mind and the love of America.

    • 2+2=5

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all morning. By the way he has nothing to do with gas prices, and the economy is recovering. Wars are being won, so you just pandered to a racist vote out of idiocy, good job bud, keep up the good work your doing. Thanks.

      • JulesV29

        Actually, Obama does have EVERYTHING to do with high gas prices. He is just as guilty as the Fed, who he has continue to print money which devalues our dollar. The bad policies have nothing to do with RACE and everything to do with bad, liberal policies.

        Thank you, DC Herbert, for a clear, concise response to the articles. I agree with you post 100%, although I did not vote for Obama in ’08 and will not vote for him in ’12. Again–don’t care about his race, this is just bad policy following bad policy.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know about the wars, but the “recovering economy” is just a bubble created by the federal reserve. When it breaks, things are going to be far worse than now.


      • Tire of the usurper and his clowns

        The best advice any of you could give the usurper is to fess up and tell America the truth about who he is and where he comes from. NAHHH! He’d get tried for treason and hung along with about 20 or 30 others. You know he’s a cheat and a lie. You know he’s smart about fundraising but can’t get behind the idea of saving money. He’s just another empty black suit who stole and lied his way to the top. He’s doing just what every black in America wants. Giving them money they never earned. I’d like to horsewhip him on the national mall! I’d cut the blood from his back. I pity his offspring who will probably be pulling the same stunts and telling the same lies when they become adults.

        • Clear Mind

          Clearly you have no idea what it takes to apply for a job at the DoD/DoE or NASA, how much more the President of AMERICA!!! In case you don’t know, i’ll make it brief for you – you go through “Security Clearances, Top Secret Clearances” depending on how sensitive the position is. I will go further to explain what it takes to get these “Clearances”. You fill out bundles of paperwork, they go as much as interviewing your “DOG”, they pretty much dig through your bones to get every single information about you, your parents, cousins, grandparents, nephews, neighbours etc before you can get this clearance. So please explain how someone running for the President of AMERICA can clear all these hurdles, considering all the extensive background checks the CIA/FBI/Secret Service would have ran on him. So stop being a racist, if you don’t like him because he is black just say it.

          OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!

          • KEN

            Yeah,thats it RACISM..
            He is so great that that is all it could be!
            stupid liberal.

        • NOVICA

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      • Lou

        Killing permits to drill makes him responsibile for gas prices with The keystone pipe line, what economy is recovering he’s added 5 trillon to the debt, is devalueing the dollar( inflation ) Unemployment numbers remain high and many aren’t counted cause they’re off the rolls. I can see your IQ must be below 80 if your easily fooled by MSNBC

        • Linda

          About a week ago I offered a chgaalnle that no ones been able to meet. That is (1) Show me a non politically biased source that confirmes Obamas claim of GMs sucess and (2) the source must include the 2+ billion dollar UAW re-negoation numbers set to take place in 1-1-2012 when the UAW resumes talks that include back pension and pay raises that GM WILL have to absorb. Oh yea, Obama forgat to mention that in this little talk. PS here’s a hint. You can start with the CBO.

    • Frances

      Your comment is wonderful. It’s obvious that you are a thinking man that learns from hard experience. Your children are blessed to have a father such as you are.

    • Mike

      I was saddened to read about the 11 Presidents above and their slanted views. I would be willing to be most of them have connections to federal and or state money aid. I am sure most are great people but I agree with DC Herbert …100%.

      • Verna

        I applaud your clear and forward thinking! We must put behind us divisive thinking and come together to be the melting pot America we are meant to be.

        Your words, “Quit thinking like black and white and start thinking about merits,” should be a daily media headline. That is the only way we will become the country we have the resources to be.

        To Mike: I came to the same conclusion……Sad, but I bet Obama would love their comments.

        Thanks for your great post!

    • Verna

      I applaud your clear and forward thinking! We must put behind us divisive thinking and come together to be the melting pot America we are meant to be.

      Your words, “Quit thinking like black and white and start thinking about merits,” should be a daily media headline. That is the only way we will become the country we have the resources to be.

      Thanks for your great post!

    • Wood

      Are we reading the same thing?? I respect a persons opinion. I know the color of their skin is black but where in the article/advice to President Obama did you read any indicators of a black agenda? Their advice would benefit america as a whole. We americans are so caught up on race that we can’t see the bigger picture. America as whole is going down the drain. Sliding futher and further down the pole in education, technology, and everything. That is a fact. We’ve got to do better educating our kids. Government/laws need to get out of family affairs and let us take our kids back. Our young people our doing way too much. Quit trying to take GOD out of everything when this country was so-called built on Christian principles. It’s not a black issue as you can go into area of town from high class to low class, and see a mixture of races from white, black, asian, spanish, and etc. It’s americas issue. It’s not because of Obama. Every president is passed down issues, deficits and etc from the last president and probably presidents before them. Quit blaming Obama for everthing. Gas prices were a issue for every recent president. I remember the gas prices going up several times with Bush. The recession started with Bush. High unemployment rates started with Bush. Yes he is black but is Obama superman? He isn’t any different than any other president. He is a man. Not a super being. When we get a new president we wish for them to make the world a better place. Truth is America never was and never will be perfect. We can’t expect them to make everything alright or put into force everything little thing they spoke about during presidental debates. Especially if everything is put down and tested by the deciding parties (ie house and senate).But if they can get in and do SOMETHING to benefit the country as whole that is great!! Is Obama doing nothing???? When/who was the last president who went in and came out of office with everything in america just fine and dandy??? Do some research on the history of welfare. It wasn’t created for us black folks.The people of america need to get out and do more to better our lives, communities, cites, states as well. The next president no matter how much we liked him during the debates, or the color of his skin probably won’t do much more. We can only hope that he/she can make some kind of change.

    • Peter K

      DC..I agree wholeheartedly, I would also take the NAACP to task for their pandering to those who would blame “Whitey” for their problems. Jesse Jackson, Quannell X and Al Sharpton need to lay the blame for the reversal of black fortune where it belongs…the black community and the federal governments welfare programs. They have argued for higher immigration quotas to embrace the Latino population to the detriment of their own. Only the black people as a community can solve their own problems. When somebody tells you that they’re from the federal government and they are there to help….run!

    • Mary

      I’m cheering in my seat. I am praying there are more people out there like yourself, who get it! We have become more divided than ever as a nation. If you are a person of color, and you dare to speak your mind on issues, and your opinion runs contrary to the party who purportedly fights for “your” cause, you will be singled out by the real racists. The message is to go along, or shut up! Kudos to you for having the courage to speak up!

  • jak

    I bet you’re really white, posing as a black. People suck…suck…suck…f#^#%#@$%@&#*#&#idiots!! Instead of making this a ” What can we do for America and the better good of all, it is what can I get out of it”? Me syndrome…selfishness. Blacks,and Mexicans, mostly. Some whites also. I was raised in an orphanage and foster home. I am white. I mad something of myself because something inside of me did not allow me to be vulnerable as an adult to the the good or bad will of others.When Jimmy Carter was president, I was a young man. Unemployment and inflation were sky high. I alWYAS had a job, without anyone’s help. I went through the yellow pages, number after number, calling, till someone invited me in for an interview and I had to sel myself on my merits. I had few merits, but did have willingness to suit up and show up. The desire to succeed is an inside job. If you give your kids everything they want, they never appresicate anything. If an adult is handed money and food on a free platter, where is the incentive to pick up a phone book and call?

    • Mary

      You just proved my point!

  • B Baskett.

    DC Herbert … with your attitude, please run for office..we need your kind of thinking.

    • Ofer

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  • Lynda

    DC Herbert–After reading all 11 articles, it was refreshing to read your comments. I had looked forward to see what these CEO’s and such had to say. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Most of what I heard was government involvement, regulatioins, grants, etc. We have been doing these things for decades and where has it gotten us? The only difference is that black people are saying it now. DC Herbert’s comments were “right on the money.” I hope when people finish these articles they will read your statements–it was worth more than the other 11 combined.

  • Jerry Myerscough

    I am white and I have to agree with Herbert and Lynda. I was intrigued by the articles title then was disappointed when I read the article. It looks and feels like a political ad for Obama with the articles not written by people in business but people who represent govt programs.

  • jon

    I am a highly educated individual with 40+ years experience in environmental science and engineering. My observation is that we have a number of individuals in positions of influence on this matter that simply do not know what they are talking about. The USA has the best environmental laws in the world, improvement needs to continue slowly, not all at once. One makes fewer mistakes that way. The same argument applies to implementation of alternative energy. The Federal Government has a very poor track record as of late regarding the allocation of the People’s Money for pie in the sky endeavors. The work place is the best lab for invention, the classroom is the best place to teach the success. American business will invest and produce the alternative energy product when it makes sense. The Federal Government is simply penny and pound foolish on this matter! stuck on stupid again??

    • Myra

      What i do not understood is acatluly how you are not acatluly much more well-liked than you may be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus significantly on the subject of this matter, made me for my part believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested except it is something to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always handle it up!

    • Allie

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  • Roman

    I too was disappointed in what these leaders had to say….
    All have bought into the “green economy”… by the way if you drive a bus
    (hybrid or not) or are a trash collector, then by the governements own definition these are “green jobs”. yea lets stack the deck somemore and munge the numbers and say we are a sucess

  • Uknow

    Why do people base their experience or past life on others experience? I never knew the world was based on what we do in life.But after reading all the rude and negative comments not once any of you can admit you done wrong in your life you wouldn’t even bother telling anyone what you done wrong in you past life because you don’t want to be frowned upon. When will people get it that no matter what you do or say or try to change anything in this world. someone will be waiting to say something negative. Our government makes life difficult for us haven’t you seen everything that goes on with us in this country. We make our own money but yet we are struggling in this country. We be relying on other country’s to support us in ever way and it’s sad we can’t keep our jobs here. I’m, I upset yes! but not at the country’s that are taking the jobs from us. I’m mad at our country for allowing it to happen. “Fat” cats don’t care about us or our family’s as long, as they have money in their bank accounts it don’t matter to them if we fall or rise. So instead of pointing the finger at the President ask your self this did anyone complain when push ran this country in debt? At least he is trying to clean up a mess. If he was like bush would you still complain? We don’t like change but it’s about time we try something new instead of living in the stone age…

    • Peter K

      Uknow…obviously you don’t. push as you call him (Bush) was not to blame for Obamas missteps. Mistakes have been a hallmark of his administration. Stop drinking the kool-aid and look at the facts. Bush did not support a drilling ban, green investment on a grandiose scale, immigration policies which have increased unemployment in the black community, racial slandering of Police…and the list could go on forever. Obama will go down in history as the most inept, unprepared and fractious President ever.

      • Cris

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  • trucker

    I just don’t understand how some of the smartest poeple come up with really dumb thoughts. I would like to what world you are living in. Because here in Iowa the economy isn’t getting any better. The price of just about everything is going up. There are not any jobs. So I think you should stop looking at the world through your Government shadeed glasses and look at what is really going on. And stop blameing everything on race. The only thing that holds anyone down is theirselves. That goes for white and black. If you really want to work and improve you life you will get off your backside and make it happen. Stop waiting for someone to give it to you. Go out and get it.

    • Gaurav

      I like the valuable info you pdovire in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  • peekandseek

    Here we go again. The federal government will keep you in bondage. The following failures: public schools, welfare, housing, death tax, affirmative action, faith-based initiative, social security, medicaid, medicare, and Section 8. Where you are in life is due to the decisions that you have made. You are an American. You can be whatever you want to be. The sky is the limit. I am happy for the Eleven. So glad they received college degrees. Stand!


    When I took my Learner’s Permit test after studying the manual for a week,
    I was one of two people who passed the test. Twenty others did not. When the supervisor, a black woman, asked the twenty why they did not pass the test, she received answers such as, “I don’t need to read any manual”, I know how to drive, I don’t need to read a manual”, “I read it while I waited on line”. The supervisor, who had studied and worked to attain her supervisory position, was upset and embarrassed that the only two people who passed the test were white, and those who failed were black.
    The is the fault of the public school system. Years ago, socialists gained control of the education system and changed the method of teaching reading to the “look-say” method, while parochial schools chose to stay with the phonics method. The sex education provided by Planned Parenthood, teaches, with pornographic detail, all types of perversions.
    This is deliberate. The aim is to produce an illiterate, promiscuous citizenry, easily controlled by a dictatorship which provides everything from the cradle to the grave – on forfeiture of freedom.

    • JulesV29

      Good post. It is a wonder any of our kids can read or do math with the major focuses being on sex education and union tactics.

  • mraimis

    Here is good video about this http://adf.ly/5ugCz

  • chrystal055

    Get Rid of the Welfare!!!!!!Being Responsibility,is the Key for Success!!!

  • Glen

    When are people going to understand? Obama is NOT and I repeat, NOT, the first African American to steal the election of the President. He IS and I repeat, IS, the first mixed race person.

    • jb

      Quit trying. He is black. You may not want to claim him, but you’re stuck with him.

    • Larry

      I too was disappointed for all of these presidents.To have fallen for all of the global warming bunk and social programs for the so called African Americans is very disheartening.If the blacks want to be individuals one of the very first things they should do is list their race as maybe black American or just black but to be a proud African american is an outdated analogy since probably 99% of you are pure Americans born and raised and have never seen Africa.As a matter of fact I’m thinking only about a quarter % of you would even wish to move to Africa.If you wish to fix the race issue you really should think more like DC Herbert.Now there is a very smart gentleman.

  • jb

    Their advice to him should be. “Stop being a !#@$#!@$ Idiot… IDIOT!”

    • Natali

      Clinton gave Bush a bursting dootcm bubble. Then was 9/11. Check Bush’s unemployment #s after cutting taxes. Impressive. The debt never went down under Clinton. He only had a smoke and mirrors budget surplus because he borrowed money from other areas of government. Clinton and a bipartisan Congress also gave us the repeal of Glass-Steagall. (kind of important.) Right-wing policies didn’t fail us. Big-government polices of both the right and left failed us.

    • Trust

      Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else may just I get that kind of info wrttein in such an ideal approach? I have a venture that I am just now operating on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.

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  • Lisa

    …provide accessible jobs for people with significant barriers to employment such as the generationally impoverished, formerly incarcerated and veterans. Really? And veterans. Lady do you know any veterans? Someone who’s trained in leadership, strategic planning, logistics, financial management, who is flexible and agile, willing to relocate, adapt to change and who has personal discipline and strong people skills. This is the skill set that should be cutting down trees and planting flowers? Really?

  • James Marshall

    I read this article and sad to say it was a total disappointment. I guess that I was expecting the leaders of industry to champion this country and give our President good sound economic advice, but instead I got the socialist agenda reinforced.

    The one and only thing that they did get right was a push for education. I believe that it is the lack of knowledge that will destroy the country. As more people become aware of this President’s true agenda the more will see the Tea Party as an alternative to the Progressive Policy of the two part system that we are bound to at this time.

    And yes I do now support the Tea Party. I argue that I did not leave the Democratic Party they left me. They left me when the started saying that child molesters and rapists where just misunderstood and it was ok for grown men to lay with children. They left me when they said that it was ok to teach our children that having two dads or two moms in the same household was expectable. They left me when they brought contraceptives in to the classroom and forced religion out. They left me when they say I am not smart enough to teach my own children right from wrong and I should be arrested for forcing my morels on my child.

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  • If you liked that checkout this All 44 US Presidents are linked and compared in this Epic historical doumentary on American Presidential Politics.A great reference tool for the 2012Presidential election with Obama vs Romney.It will change the way you view

    I get pleasure from, lead to I found just what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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  • powiatowe

    You can certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  • Kirby

    Well, bluntly put, I’m glad some of you are seeing Obama for what he is. I would truly have cheered on a black representative for the presidential office, but this man hasn’t hidden much at all of who he is and what his true agendas are.

    The American public got a snow job that they can only blame themselves for. Obama gives a lot of lip service to programs labeled sounding nice and benign and only serving the poor and repressed. Right out of the communist game book – which by the way has failed every country that has dabbled there.

    The problem right out of Obama’s own book is that he is a staunch Marxist and obviously sides with the Muslim nations also. He hates this country as it is. He’s feeding us to the wolves right along with the whole globalist game plan.

    His rhetoric is as simplistic as it comes, so that says a lot about our population which is about as uninformed as any on planet earth. Obama has been up front about a lot of what wants. To bad so few are listening. The whole administration from his 40 unelected czars (shadow government coming) and on up to Eric Holder is a crop of Marxist criminals straight out of the most corrupt political environment in the U.S. – Chicago.

    It takes so very little investigation to know clearly what this admin is up to. We’re being set up for the one world government (UN) which is going to levy heavy taxes on us already set up for years. The UN chief (Moon) has been pushing this for years. Even the Republicans are behind it. Wake up or die a slow agonizing death.

    The “new” world order doesn’t give a fig what race you are. If you have wealth of ANY kind, you’re going to have the family budget hooked up to the Un agendas – supposedly for the sake of the poor. If you believe that slop about helping the poor, I have a chain of bridges to sell you.

    Whatever race you are, wake up and inform yourselves and quit believing your fantasy wishes for who Obama was supposed to be.

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