11 Black Presidents Under 50 & Their Presidents’ Day Advice for Obama

Presidential advice for the Commander-in-Chief from men and women of color who hold similar titles in business

Name: Cheryl Duncan
Organization: Cheryl Duncan & Company Public Relations
Title: President and CEO
Age: 44

What makes her an effective leader:

Duncan possesses a keen understanding of the media’s power to influence society, which is why she focuses on generating increased awareness for social betterment projects. Her company’s past and present clients range from the New York African Film Festival (Lincoln Center) to Surgeons of Hope medical mission to Cambodia. Duncan was also the lead consultant for the Congressional Black Caucus’s “State of the African American Male Conference” and executes an ongoing campaign to promote foster parenting for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. Further demonstrating her dedication to positive causes, Duncan has provided pro bono work for organizations such as the World Literacy Crusade, The Stay Strong Foundation, and The New York Rescue Workers’ Detoxification Project.

My advice for President Obama:

“Non-profits are under siege in this economy. I’m hoping that the health of nonprofit organizations will be top of mind for President Obama as these organizations are key partners in his work to bring back America. As such I’m hoping that his efforts to stimulate the economy will also address the nonprofit sector through direct federal funding. I remember the very inspirational speeches of candidate Obama in 2008. While we do need him to continue to work on the solutions to the many pressing issues facing the country, I’m hoping that President Obama doesn’t forget his unique talent of inspiring people. By constantly painting the picture of the America that people desire and by continually pointing to the big picture and not just the tactical, he can inspire his party and the country overall.”

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