11 Black Presidents Under 50 & Their Presidents’ Day Advice for Obama

Presidential advice for the Commander-in-Chief from men and women of color who hold similar titles in business

Name: Arva Rice
Organization: New York Urban League (NYUL)
Title: President and CEO
Age: 43

What makes her an effective leader:

Rice has wasted no time advancing the NYUL’s agenda. She has managed to launch several initiatives for the 91-year-old civil rights organization, including establishing the Girls Empowerment Day and a four-year $50,000 college scholarship in partnership with music icon, Mary J. Blige’s Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN).

My advice for President Obama:

“President Obama needs to create a jobs bill that is as sweeping, and maybe controversial, as healthcare. At this time we need a bill that ensures non-profits, trade schools and colleges can make relevant training and certificates available to meet the needs of our economy based on up-to date analysis of market trends. This bill must include growth in areas such as technology, energy, and green jobs, but also must challenge banks to free up capital for small businesses while ensuring consumer protection.”

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