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Cornel West, 49 Others, Arrested At Ferguson Protest

Civil rights activist and noted advocate against injustice, Cornel West, was among more than 49…

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Caribbean Nations Ban Travelers From Ebola-Hit Regions

They’ve been described as island paradises and some Caribbean nations want to keep it that…

WATCH: Chris Rock Lists His Favorite Rappers In ‘Top Five’ Trailer

After earning supreme praise from critics whom attended the Toronto International Film Festival, Chris Rock’s…

Texas College Rejects Nigerian Students Due to Ebola

Texas college in hot water for rejecting Nigerian students due to Ebola outbreak

Washington Report


Reports: Southern Democrats Seek to Woo Black Votes

President Obama’s deep unpopularity among whites forcing Senate candidates to make choices.

Gen. Lloyd J. Austin: The Soldier Leading the Charge Against ISIS

‘Invisible soldier’ is a heavily decorated Army general & the first African-American CENTCOM commander.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign From Office

Breaking news from Washington, D.C., finds Attorney General Eric Holder resigning from his position.
According to…

Women of Power


Pam Grier to be Honored at Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

Pam Grier to be honored with the Legacy Award at Black Enterprise’s 2015 Women of…

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Women of Power TV Show Set to Premiere October 25

Black Enterprise’s nationally syndicated Women’s Power show debuts October 25 on TV One.

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