Conservative 6-Year-Old Gives Reasons Not To Vote For Obama


  • Irene

    Too bad those Dimonits are not as smart as he is..

  • think4myself

    This kid is adorable. I really like his message too. He does a great job! His message is to the point. Looks like a good topic for a school presentation when teaching the children about democracy and the privilege and right to vote. It shows that voting is something we should all take seriously.

  • Wow a six year old smarter than the Senate Majority Leader. Although I have to say most six year olds are.

  • Not only this boy is smarter than the Senate Majority but also to the majority of the Democrats in the senate and congress that voted the Obama care. How can you vote a bill without reading what’s on it. It is like buying a house without inspecting inside, how much is down payment and how much percentage of your monthly payment.

  • Using your child to push your political agenda…really classy.