A Perfect Union

Obama denounces divisive views, tactics

if he didn’t believe with all his heart that this is what the vast majority of Americans want for this country. Citing the United States Constitution at the onset by reciting, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union,” Obama began to close his speech, saying, “This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected.”

There were concerns among campaign organizers about whether Wright’s remarks would cost Obama the support of white voters during the Pennsylvania primary on April 22. According to Rasmussen Reports, an independent pollster, the dialogue about Wright’s controversial comments appeared to have had a short-term impact on public perceptions about Obama. On Monday, his favorable rating was down five points at 47% compared to 52% last Thursday. His unfavorable rating rose to 50% up from 44%. On Tuesday following Obama’s speech, his favorable rating was 48% and his unfavorable rating was 49%. Monday’s numbers also showed Obama with a 46% likely support from voters in the Democratic Presidential Nomination race compared to 44% for Clinton. On Tuesday, Clinton’s chances to win the nomination remained unchanged, while Obama’s lead dropped a percentage point to 45%.

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