Making the Case for Barack Obama

Republican nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is a distinguished American who has honorably served his country. His story of imprisonment during the Vietnam War is well known, and his service there deserves the deepest appreciation. But those years in a POW camp do not entitle him to the presidency, nor can they be said to have prepared him for it. (Oct. 25)

The Oregonian: Crucially, Barack Obama can recall the United States to its own highest principles and priorities. He can change course after an administration that has often cut constitutional and legal corners, and frequently stumbled into policy and philosophical embarrassment. (Oct. 24)

The Decatur (Ala.) Daily: Sen. Barack Obama is young; but he’s four years older than John Kennedy was when voters elected him the 35th president. The Kennedy aura created Camelot, which helped revitalize the nation and give it new goals. The new can-do philosophy won over malaise and man went to the moon. (Oct. 26)

The Talladega (Ala.) Home Daily Journal: A Republican presidency over the past eight years and a Republican-controlled Congress over six of the last eight has netted little if any gain for the American people. And they are looking for hope and inspiration. It is much like the employers or organization leaders you have known in your life. Who do you follow? ‘My way or the highway’ or the one who inspires and motivates and has a clear vision for the future. (Oct. 26)

The Benton (Ark.)  County Daily Record: Let us begin by saying we still are not completely sold on the thought of an Obama presidency. At 47 years old, his resume is far thinner than his opponent’s. Obama has not been in the U. S. Senate for even one full term. We worry about how some of his policies will work and that Washington will become a one-party town again come January when Obama takes office. (Oct. 25)

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