On The Issues: Biden vs. Palin

2007 Huffington
Post blog, Biden wrote, a possible “war with Iran is not just a bad option.
It would be disaster.” He has called for the implementation of “coordinated
international sanctions” on Iran. During her RNC speech Palin said, “to confront the threat that Iran might seek
to cut off nearly a fifth of world energy suppliesÖwe Americans need to produce
more of our own oil and gas.” Social Security

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Opposes the privatization of social security

Supports a bi-partisan plan to fix social security by raising the amount of income
susceptible to social security tax or to gradually raise the eligibility age Implemented the senior benefits support program which provides benefits for low-income
older Alaskans. Housing Crisis

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Champions legislation that will assist first-time homebuyers, and provide counseling
and refinancing assistance to those facing foreclosure. Such legislation would crack
down on predatory lending Supports lowering taxes leaving more money in the pockets of Americans to help pay
their mortgages. In a speech in Colorado Springs Palin misstated that publically
traded “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have gotten too big and too expensive to
tax payers.” Tax Policy

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Backs Obama’s economic plan that he says will cut taxes for all but the wealthiest
Americans which Biden says will raise $85 billion annually. Biden voted against a
capital gains tax during the 2005-2006 congressional session. He’s in favor
of raising taxes on dividends, which he says will raise $195 billion a year. During the 2006 Alaska race for governor, Palin said she would not support a state
income tax but would consider a seasonal sales tax.” Small Business

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Supports legislation that would provide tax breaks for small businesses

Backs extension of the Research and Development Tax Credit allowing businesses to
invest in innovation In Junes 2008, Palin signed a bill cutting the Alaskan business licenses fee in half
to $50. Palin said, “Small [business] owners make a major contribution to our
economy.” Trade

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Voted for the North America Free Trade Agreement in 1993.

Voted against the Central American Free Trade Agreement in 2005.

Supports trade policies that protect U.S. labor standards. Palin’s stance on trade is not yet clear. Domestic Intelligence

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Though Biden helped draft the original FISA bill in 1978, he voted against its renewal
in July. In a 2006 Miami Herald OpEd he called the act an “illegal expansion
of presidential power.” Palin’s stance on domestic intelligence is not yet clear. Banking Crisis

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Biden initially opposed a government bailout of American International Group (AIG)

During a speech in Ohio, Biden called for greater transparency for corporations that
receive government intervention. Supports updating the banking regulation system. During a campaign speech in Cleveland
Palin said she was disappointed that “taxpayers were called upon for another
government rescue.”

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