Blagojevich Names Obama’s Senate Replacement

Despite backlash, Burris announced as governor's pick


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  • dwandad

    I saw him on MSNBC this evening I like him
    Be carefule Pre Obama. you are in bad position to judge. Many great people have been set up for a fall. the Gov of ILL is innocent until proven gulity and if Gov Palin did nothing wrong and If Sen Mccain can be cleared in the wrong doing and given a slap in the hand then noe one should be judged guilty. Too many of these people resign in the face of stupid allegations. If Pre. Bush and Reagan can sell drugs and we still pay the bill for them, than Gov Blagojevich should be left alone. He did not bomb anyone he did not leave thousands of US citizens in flooded waters, he did not open the doors of the US treasury for his buddies to loot. I like this Burris. I dont live in ILL. but I dont think the average person cares about all that stupid crap. Impeach George Bush and leave Gov.Blagojevich alone.

  • Carl

    @dwandad, i think that this was one of the most brilliant moves that any politician did to close out the old year. Happy New Year!