Cain Vs. Obama: A Comparison of Economic Issues

A breakdown of the numbers and the issues

Businessman Below Skyscrapers

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Big Business and Wall Street

Cain: The 65-year-old businessman is perhaps best known as being a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. But that was just one of a string of high-profile jobs and ventures that have given Cain a lot of real world business experience. Yet, some say Cain is too cozy with Wall Street and Big Business and out of touch with average Americans.

For example, less than one month into the Occupy Wall Street movement, Cain drew a lot of ire when he stated, in a Wall Street Journal interview, “Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

Obama: The President has long had a tenuous relationship at best with Wall Street and Big Business, neither of whom embrace Obama in part because of regulations and reforms he has pushed through during his presidency. Also, Obama is being supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protestors, going so far as to say that he too is fighting for the “99 percent” of Americans that don’t represent the country’s economic elite.

That’s a risky strategy for the President, considering America’s economy remains in the doldrums on his watch. Indeed, the Obama Administration hasn’t yet been able to successfully curb major economic problems like rampant foreclosures and high unemployment – two issues that are repeatedly brought up by Occupy Wall Street protestors and others.

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  • John Prine

    Your description is obviously bias toward Obama. You fail to point out that Cains plan would collect money from all the drug dealers, illegals, people who work for cash under the table ect. with the consumtion tax. It would also eliminate the freeloaders who get a refund paid for by the tax payer when they have done nothing but taken from the system and not paid anything in. Everyone should pay something if it’s only $100.

  • Gene Poole

    The Presidents spend, spend and more spending plan will eat up any tax increases, even if we take everything the Rich own.

  • Dennis Nelson

    Well Both Obama And Cain Tax Plan Will Sure Get A Close-Up Look From The People Who Are The So-Called Tax Experts And Hopefully Their Analysis Will Give One Of Them Other The Thumps-Up!

  • Deb Plackett

    This article is fruitless, as neither Cain or Obama will be an issue come 2013. The American people have seen and experienced enough from two mouth pieces that have no real concerns for America but instead for their own personal power. You can thank Mr. Obama for making the first “black” president a farce.

    • Catalina

      Regarding the rate … why is our current inmcoe tax rate acceptable, but the proposed FairTax rate isn’t? Because you’ll see it all the time rather than once a year? The rate is designed to be federal revenue neutral (i.e., to raise the same amount of revenue as the federal inmcoe tax et al. does now)–so the cost of government on the country is already equivalent to the FairTax rate. If the FairTax’s proposed rate is too high, what that really means is that the cost of government is too high. Of course we already knew that … but at least we’d be reminded of it on every purchase we make, and maybe at last work up enough consistent outrage across the country to actually do something about it. The cost of government should be out in the open and in our faces, not hidden by being divided up and rarely seen as it is now.

    • Marjolein

      Just whom do you have in mind as someone who could eialsy beat a sitting president by attracting votes from the center? Attracting the right wing is necessary but not sufficient. The always frowning Republicans in Congress or the governors attacking their own workers and immigrants who do so much of the nation’s work? All the pandering to the social conservatives doesn’t do much to attract the center voters who want economic solutions other than the trickle-down ideas of cutting the tax burden on the rich and corporate. Don’t the supply-siders ever learn? Not if they spend their time in an echo chamber. People who are hurting and scared would prefer leaders who are trying to do something.