Detroit Mayor Will Fight Indictment Charges

Kwame Kilpatrick refuses to step down from office

is familiar with the evidence and based all his years of experience as a trial lawyer, he is convinced that a jury will exonerate Mayor Kilpatrick on each and every charge. “When I listen to the charges it is clear to me that every single count is based on the allegation that the mayor acted improperly in connection to the civil case. The core of this allegation is that they mayor committed perjury in the civil case.” Webb said that based on his research, he had not found a single case where the Wayne County prosecutor’s office had “ever charged anyone with the crime of perjury in a civil case; it has always been reserved for criminal cases.”

This raises the issue of ‘selective prosecution;’ something Webb intends to bring before the judge presiding over the pending trial. “Having a jury trial is critically important in this case. All the evidence needs to be heard. Let that jury speak and a make a decision.”

Referring to Detroit City Council and other officials’ suggestion the mayor resign from public office, Webb said he strongly advised his client not to take that course of action. “Today the prosecutor said that our jury system is the best system in the world. I agree with that. She also said that you have to work to make the system work. I agree with that. My client the mayor is entitled to his day in court.”

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