Fact Sheet: Investing in Public Safety

Obama Announces $2 billion Recovery Act 2009 Funding Allocations for State, Local Law Enforcement Assistance

as 500 local chiefs and sheriffs.

A priority for the San Jose Police Department with its Byrne JAG funds would like to upgrade its Records Management System to improve allocation of patrol officer and investigative resources. San Jose’s upgraded records management system will help the department report, map, analyze, and predict crime patterns, and will serve as a force multiplier to solve crime in real time.

White Plains, NY intends to use its Recovery Act funds to ensure that its Youth Violence Reduction Program can continue. This program has been instrumental in reducing juvenile crime in the city; officer overtime has been critical to the initiative’s success. The city also would use some of the funding to hire civilian crime analysts and dispatchers for the Police Department, allowing more cops to be out on the street. These civilian hires would save the city money, since they cost less than would sworn officers.

The City of Bowling Green, KY would like to use its Byrne JAG funds to upgrade and enhance its radio telecommunications infrastructure. The current radio system is over 14 years old and is in much need of upgrades.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Hamilton County intends to use its JAG to maintain a successful violence reduction program, based on an evidence-based model. Additional funds will support overtime for Cincinnati Police officers who provide intense oversight for the individuals in the program.

The State of Maine is considering using these funds to restore seven drug agents and two drug prosecutors as part of their statewide multi-jurisdictional task force. Additionally, these funds would assist in establishing an integrated criminal justice system that links the courts, corrections, criminal history records, dispatchers, law enforcement, and all prosecutors statewide.

Iowa has begun an accelerated, competitive grant application process consistent with priorities set forth in Iowa’s Drug Control Strategy. The State of Iowa has recently had deep local and state budget cuts. Much of the JAG Recovery Act funding is anticipated to save criminal justice jobs such as drug enforcement officers and offender treatment professionals, as well as community drug and crime prevention jobs.

Savannah, Georgia Police Department would use the Byrne JAG funds for crime and intelligence analysts. The stimulus funding would also be targeted for juvenile prevention and intervention efforts in Savannah. The department intends to bridge the school resource and community gaps by adding police officers specifically to work with the schools and communities. The Recovery Act JAG funding will also be critical to continue training, equipping, staffing and deploying violent crime task forces.

Long Beach, California Police Department – The Recovery Act funding will be instrumental in funding 17,000 hours of front-line law enforcement overtime allowing the police department to increase police presence in high crime areas. JAG stimulus funding will allow the Long Beach Police Department to procure and install 330 new mobile radios in their police vehicles to further regional communications interoperability.

Over the past several years, many crime prevention programs in West Haven, Connecticut were eliminated and significantly curtailed or reduced because of budget cuts. As a result of

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