Fact Sheet: Investing in Public Safety

Obama Announces $2 billion Recovery Act 2009 Funding Allocations for State, Local Law Enforcement Assistance

to hire additional correctional staff, and to expand warrants services.

The State of Wisconsin intends to use much of the Recovery Act funds to create jobs in the private non-profit community service sector, as well as in community- based treatment services. The state plans to add jobs in the Department of Corrections to coordinate and manage community-based corrections activities. (Note: The State of Wisconsin’s plans are not yet finalized, but the intention is to make a substantial investment in their “Justice Reinvestment Initiative.”)

Among a number of other activities, the State of Tennessee is considering to improve its Judicial District Drug and Violent Crime Task Force. Specifically, this funding will assist with expanding the number of people for Drug Interdiction Units as well as other task force sections. Additionally, this funding would be instrumental in expanding existing reentry programs in the state and hire additional people to work in these programs.

The State of New York is considering investing in juvenile reentry initiatives for after care programs and reentry services, such as family reunification programs, job placement of offenders re-entering the community, and residential stabilization through building of housing. Funds also would be used to restore prosecution and defense program reductions that have occurred in the last year. Juvenile justice programs for prevention and school-based programs also could be restored with jobs and services retained. Local crime labs could develop crime analysis/intelligence teams with the District Attorney, local law enforcement, and research centers.

In North Richland Hills, TX, a suburb community of Fort Worth, Byrne JAG would be used to construct a Regional Public Safety Training Facility that would provide access to much needed training for area police and fire departments. In addition, monies would be used to fund new positions, including a Family Resource Coordinator who would provide outreach to at-risk families to help prevent abuse and neglect by providing immediate short-term interventions and counseling.

The Burlington, VT, Police Department is excited about using the Byrne JAG funding to create a number of new positions, to include a “Volunteer in Service Policing” Coordinator. This new civilian position would free up sworn law enforcement officers to return to regular duties, and it would expand efforts to utilize volunteers to provide a wide array of services to the community. In addition, Burlington intends to create two Social Service Practitioner jobs to specialize in mental health and substance abuse interventions during initial emergency calls. These new positions will allow the town of Burlington, Vermont, to provide robust and continual support to members of the community who are in a regular crisis.

(Source: White House)

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