Black Radio Host Criticizes Gabby Douglass’ Outfit


  • Tee

    This is a 16 year old Afrcan American that has won a gold medal and all some of you are able to see is what she did not do, how her hair did or did not look. How petty can you be? It isn’t enough that we as black people are criticized and degraded by other races, but we have to find fault with our own because they didn’t act or look they way you think they should have. She is a God fearing young woman coming into her own. She has accomplished more in her 16 year of life than some of us will in 60 – 70 years of life.

    Is it jealousy? Why can’t black people treat their own with respect? Why can’t black people pat each other on the back for being the best at what they have done? Its in every aspect of our lives. If you don’t like the way someone else’s child acts, focus on your own to be better, or do better yourself!