GOP Response: ‘Americans Can Do Anything’

listening.  God bless you.  And God bless America.”

(Source: Republican National Committee)

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  • Lisa

    It seems to me Governor Jindel, is doing what most Republicans have always done, disagree but do nothing. The Republican Administration had eight years to make this mess, now the Republicans are making it a crime for President Obama to have a plan in spending. The Republicans spent money on the war in Iraq,while chasing after Sadam and Osama, and still not getting Osama for the “Terrorism”;which is more than the billions of dollars they are whining about wasteful government spending. I keep hearing Americans can do anything, why when the Republicans were in the administration, Americans were losing mostly everything. it seems the Republicans want to be right and better than anyone else all the time, however when they are not,they can become cantankerous.

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