11 New Year’s Eve Superstitions You Probably Do Each Year

The fun and strange customs we do every year

Superstitions (Image: iStock.com/Warren_Price)


New Year’s Eve is a time of reflection and celebration. This is also the time when we tend to engage in age-old traditions and rituals, regardless of whether we consider ourselves to be superstitious or not. Some of these superstitions are fun while others are just weird. However, they all tend to be done in the belief that it will ensure a year of good fortune.

Here are 11 commonly practiced New Year’s Eve customs that we find ourselves doing every year.

Kissing at midnight


Couples and singles alike pucker up at 12 a.m. New Year’s Day believing that kissing someone at midnight will result in a lavish love life all year long. According to those who practice this delightful custom, if you don’t get kissed, then you’ll have bad luck in love.

A plate of black-eyed peas with a side of good luck


Many people usher in the New Year with a plate of black-eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread. Supposedly, the peas represent good luck and the greens represent money. The peas, often served over rice, can be seasoned with ham hock, bacon, onions, or salt and pepper. Regardless of how you make it, this is a long-lived Southern tradition that will leave you full and satisfied!


What you do at New Year’s determines how you’ll spend the year


Many believe that what you’re doing at either the stroke of midnight or on New Year’s Day will set the tone for what you’ll be doing all year. That means, if you’re partying, then you should expect to have a good time all year long. If you’re working out, then you’ll probably have a year of fitness.


Get dressed up with something new


New Year’s Eve gives us another reason to get dressed up and buy a new outfit. It is also believed that wearing something new on Jan. 1 will increase the likelihood that you will receive more new garments throughout the year.


Clean your home


Because the New Year represents a fresh new start, many spend Dec. 31 giving their home a good cleaning while getting rid of the trash and clutter.


Walking in


It is believed that you’ll have good luck if the first person to walk into your home in the New Year is a good-looking man.


12 grapes


In the Latino community, the New Year is welcomed in with a bowl of grapes because it’s believed that eating 12 grapes will bring you good luck for each month of the new year.


Wear red or yellow underwear


Another common Latino New Year’s Eve ritual is to wear red in order to ensure you have a healthy love life. The yellow underwear, however, is said to grant a year of happiness and prosperity.


Hold back your tears


Some cultures believe that the worst thing to do on New Year’s is to cry because it will cause you to shed tears and feel sad for an entire year.


Make some noise


Ever wonder why people blow whistles and make noise when the clock strikes 12? This custom is rooted in the superstition that loud noise will ward off evil spirits and thoughts.


Get your finances in order


Right before the New Year, many people will pay outstanding bills and settle debts believing that doing so will grant them luck in their finances. On the other hand, it is also believed that paying back loans or lending money on New Year’s Day guarantees you’ll be paying out all year.

  • Crystal Munoz

    All of this is a bunch of bullshit you are a stupid mutherfucker if you belive this shit.HAPPY NEW YEARS

    • Michelle Garcia

      Fuck off Crystal. Ya fuckin hater!

    • Makaveli

      Yeah, Happy New Years & Hope you don’t get deported.

    • Can’t you just say you don’t believe it without all the vulgarity. It’s fun to read and think about. It’s fun to do some of them out of fun.

    • Alex

      Crystal you miserable cunt go fuck yourself

    • Dude

      Lighten up Francis.

      And happy new year

    • tony

      Herd ?

    • May B. Later

      If you’re going to be insulting LEARN HOW TO SPELL FIRST YOU IDIOT

      • tony

        WHO ?

  • Jodi Roy

    My goodness this article was fun to read. It gave me new and fun ideas for a year full of love, happiness and peace. For someone who has struggles along the way and truly believed it was because of the very fact that at midnight it was a disaster. The new year was not going to be one to look forward to if indeed it was brought in with a horrorfic situation. So for people who really are looking forward to hoping this year is the year they will be able to smile, laugh, dance, get a job, enjoy what they are blessed with instead of looking at it from the view that is truly dark, sad, miserable and terrifying knowing each day one has to face yet another. So for the “haters” happy New Years 2017. Come hang out, dance, vacuum, blow loud horns, I may have yellow under garments. Why not? What does anyone have to lose by having fun and reading this article. I loved it. Made me smile. Gave me the hope that has come and gone all day today. – Not hating. I am loving!

    • SKU ATL

      Thank you for bringing the focus back to positivity and thankfulness. Wishing you and yours a very happy 2017!

  • Jodi Roy

    Oh forgot and I am also a white gal with an open mind and a closed mouth. Don’t hate what you don’t know- John Lennon and Yoko Ono

    • Dude

      Looks like black eyed peas, greens, and cornbread is one of those panracial traditions for new year.

      Memphis is hard core. You will see hogsheads in the grocery stores before new years. Hogshead and black eyed peas. Those heads would give me the eeby jeebies lol.

  • Rene

    Looks like we have a hater. Well there is just one word to describe you SAWFT.

    These come from our forefathers that did things because they believed in helping their fate for the up coming year. Yeah some people truly believed that they had to do these to have a happy healthy and wealthy new year others did it out of that is just what my family tradition was. Plus I am sure you do things yourself that others might find stupid but you do them for whatever reason so don’t knock someone else for their belief. As they say don’t judge someone else until you walk in their shoes as you have no idea the travels troubles and journey they are traveling. Or the saying I love the most if you can’t say something don’t say anything at all. God bless you in the new year.

  • tony

    Fck all ass holes, i hate miserable cunts,
    Live,laughs,love, and drink as much as possible, &fck all da ass u can get as long as it’s cute and clean ,HAPPY NEW YEAR’S BITCHZZZ

  • Christian Storm

    Crystal, really? It’s just superstitions, fun traditions, and sometimes outrageous rituals. It’s always interesting to hear what different cultures believe. Instead of criricising and making offensive comments, seek to understand, seek to listen, seek to be open minded. You’ll enjoy life so much more. Trust me.

  • jenijo

    Well, I was feeling light-hearted reading the new year article until I got to the reader responses. Then, thud, a crude small visioned poor soul provoked others to stupe to her level of thought. Sad commentary found more often than not.
    Stay true to yourself, don’t follow someone else’s limited expression. Yes,for pity sake, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all . . .

  • jenijo

    Hey, Christian Storm, you have the key awareness that will help a multitude of people . . . if only they could hear you through the clatter of their own minds. I’m sure you, Christian, will be filled with joy and gratitude all of 2017. Thx for sharing something beautiful with the rest of us.

    • Christian Storm

      Thank You, may your year be Blessed!!

  • Raven

    My husband and I were married on New Year’s Eve at midnight we chose that date because we knew we’re going to make a lot of mistakes this way we could take and reflect and learn from the bad and move forward without bringing it over to the next year. There are some things here that maybe we should try for our anniversary next year. If nothing else it will just be fun. Happy anniversary my husband I love you here’s to another thirteen beautiful years

  • Tiffany

    Happy 2017!

    My mom and grandma always said I have to black eyed peas and no chores on the 1st. Never fully understood why. My friend rolls on a head of cabbage and the 1st visitor is always a man… Still don’t get that one. There are so many things… Whatever you believe….live 2017 in love, peace and joy!

  • cezar

    So that’s what black eyed peas are. I used to dance to Black Eyed Peas. Not the same thing lol

  • Lady

    Why is everyone beating up Crystal? Pay her no mind.

  • Rick

    Crystal I’m sorry you did not find what you were looking for on this page. I would google ” How to be CLASSY woman in 2017 and not come across as trash in two typed lines. I hope this helps with your bitterness. Happy New Year!!!

  • Anabel

    Happy New Year everyone! Many blessings to us all!

  • tony

    Crystal u are a miserable cunt , really go fck yah self , punk ass Bitch ! Pissed me right da fck off

  • Yoon

    How can such a pleasant article spark that much hatred? Crystal, maybe you should try some Dandelion tea. Better yet, Cumin is also a great herbal way to relax. You can find it on the spice aisle or an herbal store. Just sprinkle a little on your food or 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of hot water and sip. You’ll feel much better, even if temporarily. If you’re getting that upset by a simple article, maybe it’s time for a behavioral health or regular check up. Better now than later. It could be serious. I feel afraid for the people around you. Especially on the roads or if any children or elderly are in the midst.

  • tony

    Crystal! Are u still with us ? Have u decided to deport your self ? Have u gone for counseling yet ? CRYSTAL ?

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