How the Government Shutdown Affects YOU

With just hours left for lawmakers to agree, millions of Americans wonder how the shutdown will hit home. Here's what you need to know

Approximately 800,000 federal government employees would be furloughed without pay. They could receive retroactive pay once government operations resume, but there is no guarantee. Their benefits, however, would not be interrupted. The US Postal Service, the military, Congress, Veterans Administration hospitals, air traffic controllers and federal law enforcement agencies would remain open. Paychecks for active service troops could be delayed, presenting a hardship for their families. Veterans’ health and welfare services also could be affected.

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  • Lee Brewer

    Government workers can go home, too many of them and they are lazy on top of that. Post office sucks and so does most other government agencies.

  • Kocor

    Obama was born in Hawaii. Doesn’t really taemtr if his Kenyan father was around for the birth or not. By current law he is a US citizen. People who question this make themselves look foolish or worse.Likewise, it is wrong to blame Obama for the meltdown of the US economy and for our soaring national debt. George W Bush and his party drove the US economy over a cliff before Obama was ever elected. Ronald Reagan very nearly bankrupted the country during the 1980s. Republicans are to blame for this mess. They love to spend trillions of dollars on unnecessary wars and a bloated imperial military. They all believe in Republican Big Government, but unlike Democrats, they want to put it all on the government’s credit card. Republicans spend like crazy but then cut taxes to corporations and the wealthy. They cut off government revenue and thus create these huge budget deficits. And they refuse any talk about restoring taxes to a responsible level that would end the deficits so they are not serious about cutting deficits or paying off the national debt. They want to use the debt as an excuse to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid needs to be reformed and greatly trimmed back. But Social Security and Medicare are vital programs that are supported by payroll taxes. There is no reason to end them. So if the choice is to have a black president and keep Social Security and Medicare, or to have a white Republican president and end these programs, I will vote for Obama just like I did in 2008. I don’t want to have to go off and die under a bridge when I get old.