How to File a Claim Against BP for Oil Spill Damages

What you need to know to receive payment for losses

Consider hiring a lawyer. An attorney is not necessary to submit a claim to BP, but some claimants may want to seek the advice or assistance of an attorney. In addition, individuals and businesses also have the option to join any pending class action lawsuits against BP and the other culpable parties. In which case, legal representation is usually necessary. Such lawsuits can take years and even decades before punitive damages are paid so it is important to file your claim with BP first. To communicate with BP on your behalf, your attorney must send a letter of representation or the attorney representation form to:

ESIS, Inc.
One Beaver Valley Road
Wilmington, DE 19803
Fax:  302-476-6272

Submit your claim to BP and follow up. Once your supporting documentation is received, your claim will be evaluated. If the documentation is approved an advance payment, which will be up to the equivalent of one month lost income, will be provided. The average time between filing a claim and receiving a check is four days for individuals and seven days for more complex business claims that have provided supporting documentation.

If documented losses are larger than the amount of the interim advance payment, then individuals and businesses will receive their second payment about 30 days after their initial advance payment was received. This second check will be for the same amount as the first. If you have provided documentation that demonstrates the losses you incurred are larger than the total amount of interim advance payments, than you must work with a claim’s adjuster to discuss those losses, and pending that discussion, you will receive a supplemental payment for the difference.

BP will continue to evaluate whether additional payments are appropriate because claimants remain out of work due to the spill. To check on the status of a claim if you have not heard from a claim adjuster call 1-800-573-8249.

Beware of Scams. Steer clear of those requesting a payment to submit your claim. Claims will be processed at no cost to you. Also, if you file a claim, or have received payment for interim benefits, NO ONE should ask you to waive any rights to assert additional claims. In addition, after filing a claim, you can still file an individual legal action, or participate in other legal actions associated with the Deepwater Horizon incident.

For more information visit:

BP claims process: A detailed description of the claim intake process

BP claim office locations: A list of 33 claim offices in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida For specific state information and resources on housing, food, employment and business loans.

Small Business Administration: Fact sheet for economic injury disaster loans

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  • Gal Fleur

    I just had an easy time filing my claim with BP. I know a lot of people self file, but I used

  • james feagin

    I was denied early on at the beginning of this whole ordeal.i want to file a claim I feel like I was treated unfairly compared to other companies in my field and I would like for b.p to take another look at my info.i have been a business owner for over 20 years on the Gulf Coast and I have always been busy up until a year or so after the spill It is dec,13.2016 and I have no business as a matter of fact I have nt a red cent to my name and my excellent credit is toast nt going away even if I have to file a Lawsuit against all the entity’s involved involved ruining my life and my family’s standards of living I was denied 404 a deficiency and never received any follow-up letters explaining what or why not even any letters for the deadline is approaching to the pill anything so I feel like I was violated in that sense.we are now 6 years later and I’m having a hard time getting a straight awnser from anyone I would at this time like for b.p to disregard and deadlines or other protacal and look at my business that are very well documented and do what is that myself and my family can pick up the peace sand start over.with all this there is so much more that my business was accomplishing cooperating other business into my business at the time to be specific a cleaning business a sheetrock finishing repair business all startup businesses that were completely washed away and I believe I probably fell into the category of substance I was a big fisherman Hunter Who provided for my family who traded and made money off cells of fish that I caught a mullet trout flounder you name it whitetail deer turkeys so I’m having a hard time understanding why I don’t have a claim against BP or anyone can lead me in the direction to get one started my company name was Jimmy feagins painting 2927 Aplin Road Crestview Florida 32539 my phone number is 850-826-2090 my email is arcelia 927 at