White Nickelodeon Star Endures Racial Taunts for Dating NBA Player

Instagram crush leads to real life love.

drummondicarlyBasketball player Andre Drummond has found love and it all started on Instagram. Drummond set his sights on former Nickelodeon iCarly star Jennette McCurdy.

Drummond started his courtship by featuring McCurdy on his Woman Crush Wednesday. The relationship progressed from IG to real life recently.

This past weekend, the duo was seen with friends going to the movies, visiting Disneyland, and playing Laser Tag. Their weekend was documented through social media and the pair seem happy together.

Though they seem happy, not everyone is as there have been many racist comments and taunts left on message boards and Twitter, according to Beyond The Buzzer.




216 Responses to White Nickelodeon Star Endures Racial Taunts for Dating NBA Player

  1. thesensibleone says:

    How terrible. Are we stuck in the 1950s here? These two have found love and love is a beautiful thing! It’s not up to others to judge and rain on their parade.

    • IvanL says:

      Sorry but freedom of speech carries the right to say things that may or maynot be pleasing for you, or others, to hear. And as public, celebrity, figures, we can have our opinions on things, their relationships, whether you like them or not.

      • Anon says:

        While this is true, it doesn’t mean that the people saying them aren’t racist pieces of crap. and she has the freedom of speech too so your comment is pretty invalid seeing as how she isn’t blocking anyone’s freedom of speech, only saying that maybe hate-mongering isn’t the way to go.

        • IvanL says:

          And you are entitled to have YOUR opinion on those people, no one is gonna try to take that away from you. But just because that’s your opinion of others, doesn’t mean anything, in reality. And actually, and I quote, ” It’s not up to others to judge and rain on their parade.” So my post is still 100 valid, since she/he did say we are not in the right, when clearly she/he cannot and should not try to determine what our rights are, when we clearly have a right to say anything we want to. My comment does not tell her/him that she/he can’t say something, only that her comment is trying to tell others what we can and cannot do. I was defending our right, not taking hers/his. Big difference, my friend.

          • Alex says:

            You also have the right to argue semantics with strangers online. I hope no one ever takes that right away from you, otherwise I’m not sure how you’d spend all your free time.

          • jkflipflop98 says:

            With your mother most likely.


          • Rko815 says:


            You owned that pathetic bitch ; )

          • Al Buns says:

            No it is not his opinion, it is the humane and correct thing to do. I guess if this was you or your family were being harassed you would still feel the same? Its sad that people cannot comment without racism and just see everyone as a human being.

          • IvanL says:

            And saying, “it is the humane and correct thing to do” IS an opinion. You do not get to speak for the world on what is humane and correct and label it as fact, it’s YOUR opinion, just like it was his. As for whether I would feel the same if it were my family, I, and they, are smart enough to know that what some stranger on the internet from who knows what part of the world, says, has ZERO bearing on my and my families life. But that’s using logic and common sense, which seems to be a fleeting thing, now a days, it seems.

          • DrachmasErus says:

            Are you fucking stupid? “You do not get to speak for the world on what is humane and correct and label it as fact.” Are you fucking serious? Are you trying to tell me that there is something “humane” about berating someone simply because they choose to date someone of a different race? Whether something is humane or not is by no means an opinion. Where it be so, a group of sociopaths could label their activities as humane. Don’t be so dull. And you’re so called protection of freedom of speech is unwarranted at all. You are free to speak your mind, but there are actual limitations to it. Berating someone due to race is a form of harassment.

          • IvanL says:

            Love to see all the ignorant people come out to debate this unarmed. Did I EVER say I supported, approved or made personal comments about their relationship? NO. Learn to read AND comprehend what is being written. As for one person, or even a group of people saying something is humane or not, IS, in fact, THEIR opinion, whether you like it or not. For example, since you’re a little slow on the uptake, is it humane to kill animals? A large group of people will say, “yes, it is.” While another large group of people will say, “no, it isn’t.” So how can BOTH sets of people be right and or wrong, at the same time. That would defy the laws of contradiction. So, hopefully but I doubt it, you’ll see that just saying something is or isn’t humane is COMPLETELY made up of the person who is thinking it. There is NO humane or inhumane by the laws of nature, it is something we, as society, came up with. So just because YOU, or a group of people that think like you, don’t agree with it, it doesn’t make it so, sorry. And my freedom of speech provocation is COMPLETELY warranted as clearly some people don’t realize that any speech is protected under the constitution so long as it is not inciting. Might want to take a few college courses on constitutional law before you post next time.

          • DrachmasErus says:

            Next time you are in public or even better, at work, go ahead and test your theory for me. Berate and degrade someone of a different race because of their race. Get back to me on how well your “freedom of speech” stands. And really? You’re going to argue your point on what’s humane by using animals. By your explanation beating a baby can be consider humane. Stoning a person to death can be considered humane. Tying up a person to the back of your car and dragging that person down the road can be considered humane. Okay…

          • IvanL says:

            Clearly you’re not operating on all cylinders, so I’ll type r e a l l y s l o w l y f o r y o u. I never made a comment about either one of these people, so stop putting words in my mouth. And yes, I made an example for you, which you clearly missed since you’re not able to follow simple logic. So let me address it differently for you. I’m going to assume you believe in the Bible, so let’s just read a passage for you… “But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die.” Deuteronomy 22:13-21 So yeah, according to the Bible, which 63% of Americans think is true, it’s morally okay to stone someone. Good thing I’m smart enough to know that the Bible is just a bunch of made up stories, but according to some, as is my point, humane is defined by what THEY believe to be right and wrong. So stop wasting my time when you clearly have no ability to debate when you’re just babbling without any real retort.

          • DrachmasErus says:

            LOL! Your argument is a bunch of fairy tales and insults and I have no “real retort?” I’m done. You are an idiot.

          • IvanL says:

            Exactly, you don’t have a SINGLE real retort so you resort to name calling. Clearly I’m dealing with a highly educated person here. I hope you felt the sarcasm since I was laying it on pretty thick. In case you missed it, you’re very uneducated and your inability to hold a valid debate with facts demonstrates it precisely.

          • Troy says:

            again, typing random words in caps does not give your ignorant, self satisfying response any credibility at all.

          • IvanL says:

            No, my ability to give you specific case law does, though. Might want to learn to READ cases to understand what rights they grant and don’t grant.

          • Shannon Murphy Patterson says:

            I think he’s found a way to make a living trolling internet comment boards. That’s the only explaination I can come up with for his idiotic blathering. (I’m guessing that it’s all blathering, anyway. I had to stop reading him a couple of posts ago. My brain couldn’t take the nonsense interspersed with idiocy.)

          • IvanL says:

            Yes, I’m sure reading and comprehension are a tough task for you.

          • Jordan says:

            Lol Are you serious. How about you take some lessons in constitutional law yourself. Or better yet, just internet search the definition of HUMANE and then understand how your analogy makes no sense you twat. They are human beings and as the term HUMANE suggests, it is in reference to the benevolence and compassion of justifiable human treatment. These are not animals and which a humane argument would be a palphable debate. This IS clearly NOT a humane mentality because despite both of them being human they are barraded because of their race. This is as much debatable as being humane as an argument that black people should get the death sentence for the certain crimes and white people shouldn’t for the same crime. Its inhumane. Clear and simple you dolt. Freedom of speech has its limits. This is harassment. The visceral attacks are pitiful and mind you NEVER are used against white MALE celebrities who date black WOMEN. Do not try to justify, falsefully I might add, something that is clearly unarguable

          • IvanL says:

            I got my degree in Political Science, so believe me, I’m WELL versed in Constitutional Law. So despite what you FEEL, the law is the law. You really should go to school and learn the law before you try posting about it, when all you’ve done is demonstrate you don’t have a clue about what IS and ISN’T lawful.

            Brandenburg v. Ohio

            This is the ONLY retort you’ll get from me as you’ve shown you are spouting off things when you don’t know jack.

          • Jordan says:

            Wow, generic response number 27; not actual retort so you resort in avoiding the conversation. Try yelling out bomb in the middle of an airport and then claim your freedom of speech see what happens to you

          • IvanL says:

            Since you are CLEARLY intellectually deficient, I’ll type slowly for you. R e a d, top to bottom, from left to right, you know, that thing most people above kindergarten can do, about the aforementioned case, and you will have your retort. Yelling “bomb” is covered by Schenck v. United States, under the “Clear and Present Danger” test, not to be confused with the Harrison Ford movie, which I’m sure crossed YOUR mind. Which is clearly something TOTALLY different from what we’re talking about here, but I suppose when you’re dealing with someone who is only operating at a level above house fly, it’s all the same. The End.

          • Jordan says:

            You do realize that half of your comment is saying absolutely nothing of your “defense”. Just goes to show you are really on your last legs. There is no Clear of Present Danger. You will be spewing asolute bullshit. Just as these people are doing. There are constant threats and attacks towards the physicality of people in these relationships and despite having the “freedom of speech” it does not blocade itself from constant harassment you dolt

          • IvanL says:

            Learn to read and comprehend, the end.

          • Troy says:

            no degree, real or fake can stop you from being a inconsiderate racist moron, with a 1950’s mentality.

          • IvanL says:

            Idiot, learn to read. Please show me ONE time, just ONE, where I said ANYTHING racist about either one. Waiting….

          • Troy says:

            keep waiting, also, keep typing random words in caps to show how important what you have to say is…

          • IvanL says:

            Exactly, you’ve got nothing. The End.

          • Troy says:

            That doesn’t make sense. I was never arguing any topic with you. I simply pointed out what a loser with nothing but time on his hands to argue online you are. Oh and how you have been doing nothing but lie about having a college degree. I knew from the first sentence I read you were lying. here’s how: “I got my degree in political science.” Sorry, my friend. You didnt “got” anything. You may have a degree in political science but you didn’t “got” anything.

          • Bob says:

            I got my degree in Political Science (top 20 university)…..not one class was on Constitutional Law

            Why do you pinheads always spout off the same ridiculous rants? Jesus, yes you have a Bill of Rights, which includes free speech. NO that doesn’t mean it’s ok to write “none, nigger” on some poor black teenage waitress’ receipt.

            I’ll go ahead and cover the rest of your arguing for you, since I won’t be coming back to post since I have other things to do

            Logic: Everyone should be nice to each other.

            Logic: Sharing is caring.

            Logic: Stop the violence.

          • IvanL says:

            LMAO, for someone who supposedly graduated from college, you really don’t seem to have a clue about taking classes. Perhaps it was different in YOUR school, but in mine, you were given options on which classes to take for your specific degree plan to obtain your degree in your field. It wasn’t a matter of having to take classes, xyz, but rather, you got to pick which classes you wanted from a group available, to satisfy the requirement. SO, while YOU may not have taken Constitutional Law, doesn’t mean I didn’t. YOUR experience doesn’t, and isn’t, the end all be all of college courses.

            And while you don’t like it, I didn’t say I did either, you do have the right, as unpleasant as it may be to some, to voice your opinion on an internet blog about the state of a celebrity couple.

            I’m not even going to address the rest of your idiotic rant since you’re trying to assert things that were never said, written or alluded to.

          • Troy says:

            no matter what you say you are still an inconsiderate racist moron. Phrase it however you want, rights or no rights, you are still a moron. No matter how many capitalized words you put in your retort, you are still a moron. I am repeating it over and over because I don’t think you understand…you are a moron.

          • IvanL says:

            Lol, you’re an idiot, period. YOU are the problem in this world.

          • Troy says:

            yea, either I’m the problem…or you are. Let’s take a quick pole to find out which of us is the bigger disgrace to the american way

          • IvanL says:

            Yes, let’s take a pole, but not on a blackenterprise.com site, rather, http://www.harvardlawreview.org/forum/, a site where people of actual intelligence gather… Should I create the post or will you?

          • Troy says:

            Go ahead. I’m not black, though. I couldnt be more white, from british, german, and french dissent. So if you think that has anything to do with blackenterpirse then I really can’t help you any further. My suggestion is you actually do go to college, get a degree and get a job. You clearly have nothing but free time.

          • IvanL says:

            You truly are an idiot. You draw conclusions from which there aren’t any to be drawn. Please show me just one time where I made any assertions of your race? Any!! I simply said, to not do it on THIS site, which is where we are, blackenterprise, and from that, you somehow thought I implied you were black? That is why you need to actually take a critical thinking class, since your ability to think is seriously lacking.

          • WAKKA WAKKA says:

            Because in America– having an undesirable opinion about race is worse than anything else. SMH for pc morons

          • aluciddreamer03 says:

            I’m just pissed because I’m in love with Miss. McCurdy.

          • golder1 says:

            You are right. You do have the right to say what you want but dont get made whem civilized intelligent people disagree with your bullshit. To judge someones worth based of the color of their skin is complete ignorance

          • IvanL says:

            First, I’m not mad, I have never gotten upset or attacked anyone for anything they’ve said, just like now, when you’re making accusations that are baseless. And as I said before, you can have your OPINION that what I’m saying is BS, but that’s just YOUR opinion. And I never judged either of these people, just stood up for free speech, which people are clearly missing.

          • Troy says:

            again, you are an idiot.

          • IvanL says:

            Yes, YOU’RE clearly the smart one here, repeatedly saying, “you’re an idiot, you’re an idiot.” You might want to bring FACTS next time you try to debate someone, not your idiotic, childish, antics.

          • Troy says:

            I am in no way trying to debate with you, there is no sense or reason. You are a self satisfying fool that enjoys to argue about things he has no business commenting on. No one believes you have a degree in anything, stop saying, no one cares. That does nothing to bolster your credibility. The saying goes “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Well, fella, you have done just that, congrats

          • IvanL says:

            That’s obvious, cause you, my slow little friend, have failed miserably.

        • GALACTUS says:

          Wrong. ANON. That is the difference people like YOU can’t seem to grasp. People like thesensibleone want to **STOP** other people from saying things they don’t like, while IvanL encourages ALL to share their opinion. I’ve seen your weak attempt at containing people. Speech is fine, but action against it is NOT! That is the difference you can not grasp

      • Al Buns says:

        Freedom of speech is not being a racist coward who would not say the same in person. That is called being the scum of the Earth. I bet you are white saying this as whites are not the ones who are targets of racism and are not the ones who are oppressed.

        • IvanL says:

          Lol, gotta love that just because someone defends the right to free speech, they are labeled racists by you. I simply said people, not just white people, but ALL people, can have their opinions whether you find them offensive or not, and you start with YOUR racism and accusations of people being scum of the Earth just because they might have opinions that differ from yours. YOU are the problem in this world, not me. I am willing to listen to someone else’s opinion without being worked up or offended, it’s just their opinion which happens to differ from mine.

          • Kingofseattle says:

            I’m sorry but you just full of shit on this. Making racist comments about a couple because of their race has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to say what they want, however it doesn’t protect anyone from being label a racist. Anyone hating on this couple based on their skin is just plain racist. I know you hate black men with pretty white women. So get over it. Not gonna change. Jealous much?

          • IvanL says:

            Clearly you’ve never taken a critical thinking class in college, or a constitutional law class, so let me enlighten you. Yes, making ANY comment, that is not “inciting”, is protected under freedom of speech, whether you “think” or “believe” it should be. Law doesn’t care what you “think” or “believe”, it exists outside of your belief system. And yes, you can label someone racists if you chose, but again, just because YOU think someone is racist doesn’t mean anything. That’s YOUR opinion, which you are certainly entitled to, and I’m not here to try and limit what you can and cannot think, like others on here. You KNOW I hate black people? Here’s where a critical thinking class could have really helped you out. First, you don’t know me AT ALL, so just because you’re racist and want to label ME that, that’s fine, but that’s really YOUR true colors coming out, not mine. Knowing, by definition, is justified true belief. Which you have yet to prove in ANY stretch of the imagination. If you had at least mastered the art of reading, you could have read that I had NEVER said anything about this couple or their relationship, in any negative form. My whole argument has been about being able to have the right to free speech, which you clearly missed.

          • Rudes McGann says:

            But IvanL, there is no government actor trying to curb freedom of speech, so I am at a loss for what you are actually trying to defend. Freedom of speech is the freedom to say what you want without regulation by the GOVERNMENT. the government is not present in this scenario.

            I am refusing to call you names, but I think your logic begins with a fallacious premise: This guy’s freedom of speech is violated because people take issue with him deriding an interracial relationship on the mere fact that one of the partners is black.

            You don’t have to worry about freedom of speech because the speaker was never penalized or prohibted from using his hate speech.

          • IvanL says:

            You’re right, a government actor was not trying to curb our freedom of speech, but the initial poster was, in a sense, “It’s not up to others to judge and rain on their parade.” I simply replied that while people may not like it, people DO have the legal right, constitutionally granted, to judge and rain on their parades, so long as it’s not inciting, if they chose, especially being public/celebrity figures. Meaning; that people CAN say what they want, and no law, government actor, can curb that speech, whether it’s unpleasing to some, ergo, the reference to freedom of speech.

          • Jay says:

            Odd! Calling someone racist while making a racist comment.

        • List The Lies says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but whites are the objects of racist attacks quite often. Just the other day in Manhattan a black man screamed out he was going to punch the next white person he saw and then proceeded to punch to death a random white man in his 60’s.

          Anyways, who gives a shit about some teen trolls who are posting racist shit because they’re mad they aren’t the ones plugging McCurdy?

        • Jay says:

          You clearly haven’t seen the black on white crime rate. You people are far from oppressed. Stop playing your little victim bullshit. White on black crime is no where near high so I don’t see how you’re targets of racism.

          • Jordan says:

            You are the definition of retarded. Racism occurs despite violence you twat? Look at this very intolerant reaction this girl recived for dating a black man. Look up some of the many WHITE MALE cerlebrities who date black women and NEVER get these remarks. Go to any video of a black person doing anything along side a white girl/asian girl who might be attractive and look at the hugely racist remarks. Look at videos with white man black women/asian woman couples and compare racist remarks. Seriously right now look them up. The prior will be flooded with racist remarks, and the entire comment page will be racist arguments, while the latter…almost nonexistent. Because WHITE MALES do not suffer from racism. You are blind and ignorant to the truth

      • Butch says:

        The limitations of all American freedoms are infringing on others’ rights to be live free and happy.

      • Nana says:

        Freedom of speech means the government cant stop your from speaking it doesn’t mean i cant call you a racist peace of shit if your being one.

        • IvanL says:

          Exactly, you can call ANYONE, ANYTHING, so long as your words are not inciting violence. You are 100% entitled to ANY opinion you have, whether someone likes it or not.

          By the way, I think you mean “the government can’t stop YOU from” and it’s “you’re” not “your”. You’re welcome.

          • Troy says:

            By the way, I think you meant “anyone, anything” “any” and “you” typing those words in caps just makes you look like a 13 year old with no brain power.

          • IvanL says:

            No, I wrote EXACTLY what I meant. I didn’t type everything in caps, I wrote things in caps that needed specific attention. And while YOU think it makes me look like anything, something, your opinion means nothing.

          • Troy says:

            If your statement had any validity at all you wouldn’t feel the need to over emphasize words.

          • IvanL says:

            Right, cause YOU, someone who has avoided the actual topic at hand EVERY time, gets to determine what does and doesn’t carry any validity.

          • Troy says:

            see, those words being capitalized does nothing for anyone…it is just another self serving thing you do. This is the exact reason you have no friends.

          • IvanL says:

            Yes, yes, I have no friends, you are so smart, I just don’t know how on Earth I can keep up with your pseudo-intellectual arguments. The End.

          • Troy says:

            you can’t, so you say things like “the end” or I took this class so I know this…you are nothing more than an internet troll with time on his hands. Go back to your kiddy porn sites, big macs and trailer park. You have fooled no one but yourself today.

      • Rko815 says:

        god you’re pathetic. just vile

        • IvanL says:

          And you’re just ignorant of the law… that’s the real vile part.

          • Troy says:

            you clearly have no further education than high school…possibly middle school. No one with any sort of education feels the need to tell everyone in every post that they have taken this class and that class. it proves nothing except you can repeat the names of a few classes. It certainly does not change the fact that you are an idiot.

          • IvanL says:

            College graduate, not that it matters, but it does prove a point which is that YOU have no idea, but you’re spouting off like you do. And if you have ANY sense, you’d see that I’m trying to help them since they, like you, DESPERATELY, need to learn to think critically and also have an education to be able to base their arguments, debates, whatever you want to call it, on. You’ve demonstrated COUNTLESS times that YOU of all people, shouldn’t have stopped at just getting your G.E.D.

          • Troy says:

            clever, but I too have a college degree, just don’t feel the need to tell everyone at every turn, It’s very unbecoming. As I have said to you before, typing in caps does nothing but make you look like an even bigger fool. If what you were saying had any relevance or held any weight at all you would not feel the need to over emphasize words. All you have done this morning is continue to prove just how ignorant you really are. If 50 people tell you that you’re a duck, you might want to start quacking.

          • IvanL says:

            Let me guess, Physical Education? And yes, yes, can’t attack or debate the argument, which I have provided case law as weight and relevance, so instead you try and focus on the fact that I capitalize some words to bring attention to it. Yes, you are a staunch debater indeed. And again, just because you think something about my capitalization, I hope you realize that means absolutely squat. So keep avoiding the argument, that’s always a sure sign of intelligence. (hope you sensed the sarcasm)

          • Troy says:

            I wish it was phsy ed. probably much easier. The problem is I don’t have any idea what your original argument is. You may have even been correct in your statement. I just don’t like you. you come off as someone trying to show the entire world how smart you are, and you did that by attacking someone else. I was flipping the switch back on you. Clearly it has worked, i am in your head.

          • IvanL says:

            If you can’t follow a simple thread, I think you have bigger issues than not liking me; all one has to do it scroll to the top. Troy, Troy, you’re still doing it, making stuff up as you go. Here’s my original post…

            “Sorry but freedom of speech carries the right to say things that may or maynot be pleasing for you, or others, to hear. And as public, celebrity, figures, we can have our opinions on things, their relationships, whether you like them or not.”

            Now, please show me where I made any comment to offend, make anyone feel unintelligent, or said anything about the race of the couple. Let me save you some time, I didn’t, but when someone comes back to try and debate the issue, yes, I will defend it with actual facts, education and case law, which any intelligent person should, and will do.

            And I assure you, you’re not. You’ve yet to provide a single shred of intellectual discourse, all you’ve try to do it insult me for using caps, saying I’m a moron, not really something I’d say comes close to “flipping the switch.”

          • Troy says:

            I just read 4 or 5 instances above where you called someone ignorant, stupid, uneducated, slow, etc. You can continue to try and make yourself into something you are not, you are fooling only yourself. If you don’t think you did that, you need to go ask the nurse for more meds.

          • IvanL says:

            Yes, in RESPONSE to someone trying to be insulting. Done with you; you’ve proven time and time again you don’t have a single clue about the issue or contribute anything of substance to this debate.

          • Troy says:

            again, there is no debate. I actually agree with your original post about freedom of speech. I simply do not like you, you try to come across as something you are not. Be yourself, man. If people don’t like you for you then screw them, trying to be something you so clearly are not is very unbecoming.

          • Troy says:

            “Since you are CLEARLY intellectually deficient, I’ll type slowly for you. R e a d, top to bottom, from left to right, you know, that thing most people above kindergarten can do”

            There is just one example, there are at least 10 more. But I guess that statement doesn’t count because it completely proves my point.

          • IvanL says:

            The End.

          • Troy says:

            shouldn’t you capitalize those words?

  2. AuntieE says:

    What a shame. She was a beautiful girl, that is, before she ruined herself. Why? Why? Why would you give yourself to him? A basketball star? So what? You will end up like 80% of women who have relations with black men,,,a single girl with an illegitimate child. Your folks must be so proud.

    • Novelist3 says:

      Wow, that’s such a horrible thing to say!

      Someone has “ruined” themselves by dating an athletic, successful man? Thesensible one is absolutely right- have we somehow fallen backwards into a pit somewhere that leads to the 1950s?

      I think it’s wonderful that Miss McCurdy has found herself a decent man like Andre, and people who would spew racial hatred at her are a pretty vile bunch.

      I wish her many moments of happiness.

      • Deng Xiaoping says:

        I smell liberal white guilt….it’s nice though b/c it means you still possess an idealistic view of humanity in general (sort of like how boys idealize girls until they’ve had some experience, and it’s then when lofty ideals are eviscerated by reality…random and crude, and not at all so pretty reality). Stay golden, Ponyboy, stay golden.

    • Novelist3 says:

      Wow, that’s such a horrible thing to say!

      Someone has “ruined” themselves by dating an athletic, successful man? Thesensible one is absolutely right- have we somehow fallen backwards into a pit somewhere that leads to the 1950s?

      I think it’s wonderful that Miss McCurdy has found herself a decent man like Andre, and people who would spew racial hatred at her are a pretty vile bunch.

      I wish her many moments of happiness.

    • Anon says:

      At least she wont end up like 90% of women who date white men, beaten or murdered or locked in a basement. I’m pretty sure her folks are really proud of her, shes rich, famous and dating a man who has a career prospect.. and you did what? probably quilted something for you church group? how do your parents feel about you?

      • Erik W says:

        I’m a white guy married to a black woman. Next month it will be sixteen years, and we have encountered comments from white and black folks who disagree. I’ve been called a n***** lover, she’s been called “the white man’s whore”. In the end we just laugh about it. Oh, and for the record, I guess she falls in the 10%, since I have never hit her, murdered her, or locked her in the basement.

      • Chance Gardener says:

        That statistic you gave is so crazy (some might even call it hyperbole)….anyway, as Salt n Pepa said, “You so crazy….I think I wanna have yo baby.”

        P.s. black gentlemen are statistically much more likely to have spent time in prison and involved in domestic violence. Just keepin’ it real yall…we a wild, rough bunch of fashionistas!

        • Leftrightout says:

          Blacks are more likely to have spent time in prison due to drugs and killings. But as far as domestic violence (rape), and child porn, and hate crimes (gays, minorities etc) , I have no doubt that Whites lead in that area. Just keepin’ it real buddy…

          • Jay says:

            Rape? Hate crimes? Where the hell do you get this bullshit? White on black crime is no where near as high as black on white crime so clearly you take the lead in that. Rape? You’re fucking retard!

          • Jay says:

            Rape? Hate crimes? Where the hell do you get this bullshit? White on
            black crime is no where near as high as black on white crime so clearly
            you take the lead in that. Rape? You’re a fucking retard!

          • Leftrightout says:

            You mad?! Calm down buddy! Be easy……. I see you didn’t mention anything about child porn tho!


          • delahaya says:

            You’d be wrong, very wrong. Blacks have far higher rates for rape than whites. Not sure about the other two, but you could go to http://www.whitegirlbleedalot.com and get hundreds of cases of black mob violence against whites just since 2010.

          • Leftrightout says:

            Colin Flaherty is a racist conservative. That’s like me asking you to visit a site promoting Louis Farrakhan lol.

            Anyway, let me give you a more netural site to visit, some government shit…


            Forcible rape among Whites: 9,504 Blacks: 4,811

            Murder and non-negligent manslaughter among Whites: 4,000 Blacks:4,149

            Sex offenses (except forcible rape and prostitution) Whites:38,422 Blacks:13,189

            Offenses against the family and children among Whites: 56,973 Black: 28,183

            Good day Sir 🙂


        • WSSNW says:

          No one is dating a statistic

        • Adrian Durand says:

          lol right…..Because those stats are so accurate? Gonna love racist fucks on the internet. Willing to do anything to bring a race down.

          P.S As for for the record, its white men that are involved in more demestic violence than any other race. its not as reported as every other race. So have fun with that racist.

        • Rick Ray says:

          That’s due to a corrupt injustice system racist asshole

          • Putz says:

            Lincoln freed you what like 250 yrs ago how long does it take to get your shit together.

          • Rick Ray says:

            Until you racist assholes are exstinct. When are you racist clowns gonna grow up is the real question. All life started in Africa. You’re African too……..cousin!

    • chris says:

      If that is true it’s the male who leave the scene and fails to live up to the label of parent. So I surely wouldn’t put that responsibility on the women. They are raising most of Black children.

    • Frozen_Blitz says:

      You are racist scum who says a person ruined themselves for dating someone who is successful and attending college because they are black and you are trying to shame someone with the parents being proud line? Why am I even replying to you, this world is full of great people I could be interacting with, not scum.

    • Larry Howell says:

      Wow, I didn’t know that one’s preference in a partner somehow altered their physical appearance. This is a scientific revelation! Someone call a scientist! This person is in the running for a Nobel Piece of Foot in the Bum! ….. yeah, you’re a moron on an apocalyptic scale. Get off of the internet before you somehow break it with your vast amounts of stupidity.

    • Adrian Durand says:

      Who in the fuck are you? Why can’t she date him? Doesn’t it bother you that much that two people found each other?

    • Rick Ray says:

      Plenty of white single moms because a douche like you left them.

  3. FEARLESS says:

    you cant really blame him.. would you want to date a black woman?

    • Justice4 says:

      The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows cowards like you (parading as “fearless” and “auntie”) to make judgemental, stereotypical statements that you could never make face to face. Go get some therapy for the hate you spew on a regular basis. It is eating you up. Identify and resolve the core of your issues, then come back on line with something worth reading!

    • the real says:

      Yeah I know black women are too damn picky on who they sleep with but white women hell they do what ever when ever….ask your mom

      • Jay says:

        That’s pretty racist lumping all white women into one group. Since when did you know every white woman on this planet? How do you know every white woman is easy? Also, How the hell would you know every black woman is picky? That’s plain ignorant! I know plenty of white women who are picky and plenty of black women whom are easy.

    • Rob says:

      I’m a white man with a black fiancee’. She’s absolutely wonderful. We are all human beings on this Earth. Color shouldn’t mean anything.

  4. Hood_Ninja says:

    Wow…. jealous much? He has a college degree and a high paying career… why so much hate? I hope those two continue to be very happy.

    • IvanL says:

      Might wanna get your facts straight, unless he’s a genius and finished college in a single year…

      CollegeConnecticut (2011–2012)

      • Ron Jones, Jr says:

        You go to college to set yourself up to work in your chosen career field. He finished what he needed to finish in college. Now he is making more than most of us on this board combined.

        • IvanL says:

          Original poster… “He has a college degree…”

          I just pointed out the fact that no, he does not. No one, at least not me, debated whether he set himself up or not, so no need to defend something that wasn’t argued.

  5. diva says:

    wow its 2013 this is crazy i have been with my husband 19 yrs im white he is black it works she needs to ignore the hate and be happy !!

    • kakakakak says:

      White women….Black mans kryptonite!!

      • Dhogon X says:

        Black mans kryptonite? No one ever say shit when black women with white men. It seems to me its always hate when it a white woman and black man. BW can French kiss, roll around in the bed with a white man on national TV [i.e…Scandal] all is fine, Lincoln Heights, ALL that bullshit on TV. B.E.T full of IR movies of BW finding WM, “Gone gurl do you”, “Love knows no color”, “Time to broaden my horizons” Seems like double standards to me.

    • Z says:

      It works out great for girls who are too fat to attract any decent white guys, because black people and Latinos/Iberians don’t seem to notice.

      • Dhogon X says:

        Nope!!! that’s the problem, brothas debunking that exact stereotype you just mentioned in your statement. Off in uncharted territory eh? Keep on thinking its only “fat unattractive” women who cant get a decent white guy. But don’t worry Black love is still here and strong we just got a funny way of showing. Contrary to what you believe most black men chase after black women.

    • Douglas J. Bender says:

      If only she could tan a little. 🙂 [Joke — I’m making fun of racists.]

    • Putz says:

      You will soon be a single mother.

  6. texasgoat says:

    Obviously, she is not one of those racist Repubicns

    • cricket23 says:

      DEMOCRAT Senator Robert Byrd ays White Niggers on TV.


      • cricket23 says:

        DEMOCRAT Reid says he won’t dwell on race-based controversy

        Reid’s remarks in his home state were his first in public since the
        disclosure that he had described Obama during the 2008
        presidential campaign
        as a light-skinned African-American

        “with no Negro dialect, unless he
        wanted to have one.”



        09, 2010

        DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton

        Teddy’s anger

        bungled Caroline, Bill’s handling of Ted was even worse. The day
        Iowa, he phoned Kennedy and pressed for an endorsement, making the
        case for
        his wife. But Bill then went on, belittling Obama in a manner
        that deeply
        offended Kennedy. Recounting the conversation later to a


        Teddy fumed that Clinton had said,

        “A few years ago,
        this guy would have been getting us coffee.”


  7. neededToSaySomething says:

    It’s disgusting that people think it’s acceptable to taunt either of these people. Not only is it really none of their business, but who are they to judge the person that another falls in love with. And those people who disagree with their decisions should just keep their ignorant mouths shut and let these young people live their lives the way they want to. The only lives their relationship should be affecting are their own.

  8. RemyDelite says:

    I’m not surprise smh….It is the internet after all.

  9. Chad M says:

    Damn this is sad. I have come to the sad realization that the world will always be filled with disrespectful racists, who have been given more power by hiding behind their computers spewing out hatred. If two people want to be together regardless of race or background, then they should do whatever makes them happy. It is time to start prosecuting and tracking down these internet thugs who send out death threats and see how tough they are. World peace is an illusion but it is possible to draw out people who send out death threats to innocent people.

  10. Bii says:

    Another boring azz story, find some real news.

  11. Jacob Obadiah says:

    She is human and of the nation of
    Asshur ( Gen 10:22 )… She should
    be able to date who she wishes,
    black or white.. However, this is
    the wrong black man for her.. She
    should try another black man..
    Not this one.. He is an Edomite..
    Too long of a story to get into it
    here.. Go to my “barabbaslove
    hollywood youtube” video for
    further details…

  12. white man says:

    this whore must have no dad,and shit for a mom! Tell caption save a ho. He can do better. with his own people!!!!!



  13. Rex says:

    Cannot understand how such a beautiful White women would even think of being with an individual like the man above. It’s a shame.

  14. Dave Michael says:

    damn race traitor

  15. Anthony Williams says:

    It want last anyways just like 80% of all the NBA players!

  16. Rodrigo says:

    A disgusting little whore coal burner.

  17. Jsmith says:

    What threw me off is Drummond looks like hes in his 30s and she looks like shes still 16. Other than that so what.

  18. West Virginian says:

    It seems that Blacks want White Blondes

  19. Akemi says:

    Racism is a horrible thing, but I wouldn’t want to give up freedom of speech either. Then again when you have 17 year old kids strapped naked to a table in solitary confinement for posting a sarcastic comment on his facebook, Freedom of Speech is dead anyway.

    That said, MAN some of you people are stupid. I can’t believe how you are being suckered and baited by obvious trolls. Giving those nitwits the attention they are going for doesn’t help anyone

  20. Corey says:

    Dosn’t surprise me at all, when I read about it, I told my wife wait, and sure as the sun is hot, it showed up.

  21. Jésus Fvk Tørres says:

    jealousy goes a long way

  22. Juo says:

    No one should be surprised by this at all. Nick-I-Load Ultra is one of the loudest and most shameless advocates of this era of pop culture. This era is defined by our children having it shoved down their throat that if you are a suburban white kid from a good family, it isn’t good enough. The celebrities they are taught to worship force it on them that filthy street-thug rappers are what they should try to imitate. Our kids are shown that people of any race besides white can talk about being proud of their racial heritage, but white pride is racist. Also, since it has been mentioned, the slave trade in Africa was built upon tribal warfare way before Imperialist Europe came into the picture. The chieftains saw the opportunity to get rid of enemies and profit to a much higher degree, and so began shipping males out while continuing the repeated rape of their female captives. The only downside to this for the stronger tribe was that they could not enjoy their common practices of raping the daughters of the captive as he is caged or tied up, helpless; and forcing a father or brother to commit incest against one daughter/sister by threatening torture on the other.

  23. Alex McDonald says:

    just as long as she teaches him to hit a free throw

  24. Douglas J. Bender says:

    If everyone was blind, no one would notice.

    • Blindornot says:

      i’m pretty sure we’d smell them and feel their disgusting hair. And when we tried to talk we’d hear their gibber jabber nonsense and stupidity. Then get assaulted still; soo. Yea we’d know.

  25. JD says:

    I’m guessing none of you happen to be a white man who has taken a black lady friend out to dinner before (??) The horrible looks I got, and the hate filled eyes my lady friend got…….from BLACK MEN at the restaurant, mind you. Racism is far from a “white” thing…..get your heads out of your arses and realize this is indeed a two sided coin! Funny, the story doesn’t mention the RACE of the harsh commentators here

  26. Juanita Thisisme Wiggins says:

    Love is never stipulated by color. I feel so sorry for the fools who see it that way.

  27. CitizenKK says:

    love and peace love and peace, can’t we all just get along, i have a dream, oh puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese…it’s a non-story.

  28. Ken the Killer says:


  29. Ken the Killer says:

    The fact that it is 2013 has nothing to do with how wrong and vile their relationship is. It’s sick in every way. I hope they both die in a firey crash.

  30. Destina says:

    I’m so done with people. Leave Jenette alone she’s an adult she can date whoever…
    I’m just tired of people keep acting like all interracial relationships are black man/white woman or white personXany-race and no else. Blah…

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  32. Rick De La Torre says:

    Why are you inbreds so worried that a black man might stretch it out? Don’t you understand she prefers hot links over Vienna sausages & you can’t get none.

  33. Mola says:

    Nobodies poking their noses into other peoples business when they shouldn’t. Filthy judgmental swine.

  34. Mola says:

    The girl Jennette McCurdy is actually older then the NBA player. He is 20, she is 21. So if anyone has a problem with this it’s out of pure racist jealousy.

  35. Putz says:

    We should stick with our own kind. If you want it done right do it White.

  36. Putz says:

    How do you keep 5 black men from raping a white Girl?
    Throw them a basketball

  37. Putz says:

    Once you go black- you become a single mother.

  38. Putz says:

    What do you call a bunch of blacks jumping out of a plane?

  39. fuckyou says:

    fuckin nigger lovin bitch

  40. Spellchecker says:

    Funny that Rob Parker gets fired by ESPN for asking if RG3 is a cornball brother as if all white people have gotten past that kind of stuff and how dare anybody black even raise the question; but let a cute white girl go over to the dark side and all the ignorance and silliness rears it’s ugly head.

  41. Frank Lee says:


  42. hod says:

    No matter how much those people don’t like it, it’s still going to happen because they don’t own the world! They may THiNK they do but in my profession that’s called grandiosity!!! Keep going young couple and don’t let those racist insecure people stop you from being with each other! Besides he’s not trying to hang with the racist so what they think doesn’t matter in this situation!!!

  43. Christmasgirl26 says:

    I learned many years ago you do not try to tell who to love, my sister married a worthless man who was allergic to work, cheated on her, hit her and their kids. He was good at getting money from my parents, welfare and food stamps. No matter what he did she just worshiped him for 23 years they were married. My son is engaged to a lovely black woman and her cousin is married to a beautiful blonde white woman. At our 4th of July party this summer they were sitting and talking about people who feel the need to walk up to them in public and tell them how they feel about interracial couples. Both couples have had only problems with only black women not black men or whites. The cousin’s wife has got the worst of it, she was waiting outside a store while her husband was paying for their stuff when 3 black woman came out the store and started yelling at her for taking a man that belonged to a black woman. One of the 3 women slapped her on the head before her husband could get outside to help her. He was also cursed at. They said that this has been going on for the 15 years they have been together but, what bothers them the most is what their children go through. They have a 13 yr old daughter who is being harassed at school so badly they moved out of the city of Atlanta to the rural suburbs. Because she is light skinned, makes good grades and has nice hair she could not even go to bathroom at school with out being threatened, a group of girls tried to cut her hair. They are just sick over it and are trying to save money so their younger kids can go to private school before they hit their teens. My son and girlfriend are talking about marriage and now have concerns about their future children going through the same problems. I do not understand what has happened the last 5-10 years for racism to be so bad now on both sides and I pray it gets better. I was raised and raised my children to not judge by race or skin color but, how the person treats them and others. My other son is married to one most beautiful woman inside and out, she is Hispanic from Peru and I could not have picked out myself a better wife, mother and daughter in law then her. It is so sad to see the hate on both sides just getting worse everyday.

    • Jay Z says:

      I completely understand you, please, when ever you have time, look up on youtube a man named tommy sotomayor, he talks EXACTLY about black women, who are so quick to call a black man a race traitor, or self hater, but jump as soon as they can for a white man, bless you mam.

  44. jazzwatch says:

    This kid is done, tainted and mommy and daddy should disown it. Coalburner 100%

  45. demond says:

    Question for all you who got a problem with this beautiful couple . Why every time a black MAN and a white Woman get together it’s a problem but when a black woman gets with a white man? non of you muthafuckas have shit say example the show scandle. I know the answer though lmao but help me out lol

  46. The white man says:

    Black people please learn grammar and proper English when you post comments. That is all I wanted to say. Thank you have a good night.

  47. Chamber says:

    There is no such thing as an intelligent racist. It is ignorance in its purest form, and one should not bother wonder why people feel the way they feel, but instead attempt to educate them. These people are lacking mentally. Racism is a cancer that permeates society, and we have to stomp it out.

  48. michele says:

    uhhh… to be expected.. have to count the cost if you choose to get your swirl going.

  49. sad day says:

    I hate biracial couples. stupid nigger lovers

  50. GALACTUS says:

    It’s a horrible waste of evolution to reproduce blacks. It’s one of the biggest wastes of mental power; power, that has, sadly, been so strongly fought against since the beginning of humanity, and yet, it is the very thing that sets us apart from merely being wild animals.– If you can’t see that blacks aren’t as mentally adept as other races, you’re simply lying to yourself. It’s not about being labeled as a “RACIST” or “HATE” or “COLOR” any of that propaganda. It’s merely about the biological facts and the direction of the species.

  51. Max Wilson, Jr says:

    Awwww… Love in a pure form. I’m happy for these kids.
    Editor/Author: “White Nickelodeon Star”, was that necessary?
    We are aware of her race by looking at her…

  52. roro says:

    freaking terrible… these racist people

  53. roro says:

    freaking terrible… these racist people

  54. Andre Murphy Sr says:

    its sad. In 2013 an interracial couple (who’ve found happiness) are still being hounded by ignorance. Whether white hating black or black hating white, this childish behavior needs to STOP!!

    • Jay Z says:

      The year doesen’t make a difference dude. i’m tired of people saying, what is this the 60’s? or i can’t believe this is going on in 2013, it’s going to happend for ever! especially with a liberalistic media that wont show a black man on tv unless he is either gay, an athlete, actor, or a thug. The media care’s more about gay’s and jew’s than anyone else in america, just look at anybody who say something bad about them, mel gibson called a jew a kike, never saw him again, if you just say that you DISAGREE with gay marriage, then you are galled a biggoted homophobe, like kobe got fined 100,000 dollars for calling a straight man a fag, which by definition dosen’t apply to gay’s, but that football player called a black man a nigger to his face, on video, and they say that they have fined him a ”substantial” amount, dog the bounty hunter, say’s nigger, is gone for 6 months, comes back with a longer contract, watch how fast Paula Dean will be back, Also the hyprocrosy from the black community must stop as well, every one marched and cried for trayvon martin, yet no one mentions the 33 black youth killed in chicago by other black youth, and it’s a shame that people looked at trayvon like he was a thug, if he was a thug, so is justin beiber, so is wallstreet, so is the american goverment. And as a black man, i absolutly hate this idea of a hate law. all it does is divide more people, and once again the media refuse’s to talk ill of gay’s and jews. hit a gay man, HATE CRIME, hit a jew, HATE CRIME, and i hate as a black man i can hit a white boy and just be arrested for assualt, but if he hit me it’s a HATE CRIME.
      This liberal minded media, that only wants to tell people what they want to hear is to blame, not the social moronic sheeple sir.

  55. Andre Murphy Sr says:

    its sad. In 2013 an interracial couple (who’ve found happiness) are still being hounded by ignorance. Whether white hating black or black hating white, this childish behavior needs to STOP!!

  56. Sekou Campbell says:

    Why would anyone want to bash a couple for doing what is natural(dating the opposite gender)? Is this by anyway harming you or your child/children? As long as a man of any race(black,white,yellow,red) is dating a woman of any race I see absolutely nothing wrong.

    For the racist people: Is your lives that boring that you must make a fuss? You really have absolutely nothing better to do than degrade this couple!? I am talking to all racist people, not just a handful.
    I want to know your answer. Look at all my question marks and answer accordingly.

    P.S. Notice I said Man dating Woman(opposite gender dating only)

  57. coleman,james says:

    live your life! You don’t have to wake up with these idiots and you don’t have to go home too them either!!!!! there your blessing

  58. vinnie says:

    I think its a cute old fashioned story,good for these kids.

  59. dave says:

    All NBA stars and rappers are doing it…

  60. AtlantaRealist says:

    What a horrible example she sets for young girls out there. Dosent she know black women are the most abused, and diseased women on the planet, including the US. Bt the fact that 1 in every 15 BM in the US will have HIV, and all the gang-rapes of women by blacks recently (20 on 1 little 11 yr old Hispanic girl in Texas), why anyone would choose such a horrible example is beyond me. Ps… my beautiful girlfriend is black, and there’s a reason she gave up on black men after being married to 2 of them.

  61. AtlantaRealist says:

    Im white and certainly hope my future daughter chooses to date white/ asain men like her momma. Its just hard to trust a culture of men who are brainwashed thru music to think that running trains on girls (which leads to gang-rape like the 2 recent Texas cases) is cool and acceptable. In fact i know a white woman (skank) who left her husband and is went 2 blacks. In just over 1 year shes already been raped 5 times. Also have a white friend of mine in Atlanta who was raped by 5 blacks @ 14.. they took her virginity. AND have a Arab friend who is now dying of HIV after being raped by different groups of blacks. One 3, one 5 men. The trend here is very real, i wouldnt want my daughter to go to India and deal with those scumbag men, and i sure as hell wouldnt want her dating men in the US like this!
    Anyone who would like to debate me? How many black women do u personally know whom were raped by white men? Find me some white on black gang-rape articles in the news and get back at me. Your gonna be searching for a lonnggg time.

    • Leftrightout says:

      victim statistics:75% of sexual assault victims are white women, compared to 20% for
      black women and 3% for other races. Further, when the government
      examined the rate in which sexual assault victims are killed, the report
      concluded that “compared to all murder victims, those who died as a
      consequence of a sexual assault were substantially more likely to be
      female and white.”

      No debate needed, I actually agree that Blacks rape white women at a greater rate than the White man does Black women. But, I say to you, a White women have more of chance of being rape by a white man than a black man. Check out the FBI’s crime statistics by race, under forcible rape, Murder and non-negligent manslaughter, Sex offenses. White get arrested a great deal more. But due to the racial prejudice of the justice system, Blacks get convicted at a higher rate. Tho, I don’t expect you to even romotely understand that point.


  62. busyt says:

    I am a black woman , but if I was white and had a white daughter would not want her dating a black man because black men are the cause of the demise of the black community. They don’t take care of their kids or their families.

    • Jay Z says:

      Black women raise them, so how are you ging to blame black men? When black women don’t even feel comfortable in their own hair?

  63. Nonegroes says:

    Big mistake for that coalburner, STD’s knocked up Abuse and of course the lil’ halfbreed, jess like Obammy.

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