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Obamas success may help boost other black politicians

Americans to consider political careers given that the glass ceiling, whether real or imagined, has been broken, says Elliott Petty, president of the Los Angeles-based New Frontier Young Democrats.

“I think Sen. Obama being on the ticket is going to do a lot for young African Americans who have always pondered a career in public service and in particular considered elected office,” says Petty, 29. In fact, he notes that members of his own predominantly African American organization seem to have become more energized since Obama began his run, and a couple of members were even inspired to run for local offices in various California districts without feeling inhibited by race. Recognizing Obama’s success in appealing to voters of all races, “young people feel like they can run for local office and they don’t have to be in a largely African American district to do so,” he adds. “I think people are beginning to get the sense that voters of all stripes will support candidates based on issues.”

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  1. Great Tips: I know I need to work on the story telling part of it, especially with social media seening that I hate blogging, but it is something I need to do

  2. Victoria Lett says:

    great tips will be using them with my business

  3. Askmysecretary says:

    Great advice on using tools out here, but being always prepared to accept change

  4. Thanks for this, I will treat social media networking as an opportunity rather than a burden

  5. Iluv23277 says:

    Great tips.

  6. Theasmexpert says:

    this is great information on social media and network

  7. DreamsKept says:

    Good info

  8. Kristina Nelson says:

    this is great information on Social Media and how it works in the business sector

  9. I only have one of my businesses set up on a social media website.  I need to go through & set them all up

  10. bevmick says:

    This is an area of marketing and promotion that I am still a bit tentative about …I know that it’s potential is vast, but I suppose I have yet to see any person, company, or idea that has won me over in this realm like anything Madison Avenue has ever done. Old school, I guess … 

  11. Misha says:

    The business that I want to start will rely heavily on social media interaction. Great tips!

  12. This was well worth the read. Always good to receive new information!

  13. Lynn Cooper says:

    Amanda. Thank you for your insight. As a serial entrepreneur one of the reasons I founded my latest venture, Socially Ahead was to help business owners with their online presence. I understood how frustrating it can be managing a business and keeping up with all things digital.

  14. Bobby says:

    To have a thriving business you must have an online presence. 

  15. Lisa McDonald says:

    biggest challenge is just getting started with perfection anxiety.  how might one better utilize linked-in if you are selling professional services

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