Birthday Girl: Malia Obama Receives a Car for Sweet 16

First daughter's latest gift shows signs of new driver at the White House


Malia Obama, forefront (Image: File)

It looks like the First Family will be having a new driver in the household very soon.

As everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July festivities, the elder daughter in the White House, Malia Obama, celebrated her 16th birthday. While there’s no word on how the superstar teen celebrated her big day, the Daily Mail is reporting that the first daughter did in fact receive a brand new car.

Earlier this year, we received fair warning about Malia soon being on the road when Michelle Obama appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and jokingly told Washington, D.C. drivers to be on the lookout.

“Ladies and gentleman in D.C., watch out. Malia Obama on the road, kind of frightening,” FLOTUS says. “I have security, so I’m good.”

According to D.C. laws, teens have to be 17 before they are able to drive in a car alone, and that’s after holding their provisional license for six months. So while young Obama won’t be on the road by herself for at least another year, we’re sure the teen is happy that she at least has a new whip to perfect her driving skills.

  • Janet Burgess

    It’s no one’s business what the Obama girl’s do in their private personal or for that matter public lives. Worried about birth control check your own teens or family teens. They are 2 beautiful young ladies let them live their teen years out in peace. But let me say I wouldn’t advise the Obama parents to have them hear the filth that poured out of Scarlett Johansson mouth & why she supports PPH when she was 15yrs old when the mike plug was finally pulled & ended her great advice to young girls let the papers print that. Women’s March on Washington: Scarlett Johansson Speech …And as far as Madonna is concerned Honey your way way over the hill have been for a long time. These young Hollywood kids haven’t made it yet with the bank roll all you old broads have what have the old broads got to loose? Also were they paid to be there like they are for charity events?? Did they come on their own dime? Were they paid to entertain @ Hillary’s bashes or did they dig in their own purses?They’ll go home & you’ll be holding your hand on your A– till your next small gig rolls around. Look @ what happened to Hank Williams Jr. You guys are so out of your league. Politics my friend is politics. In the end we all have to work together. I’m 77 years young I’ve been around for a while including WWII.
    Good luck to you all keep in mind all you young job or future job seekers film is around for a long long time! Even II years or more. Then see if these old broad’s put you up or help you out! By the way I’m a Independent like the good Lord intended us to be that’s why we all have our own brain. Try using your’s!
    Women’s March on Washington: Scarlett Johansson Speech …