Obama Addresses America’s Concerns via Twitter

Thousands of tweeps took to @townhall to ask the president about the state of our economy

On #jobs

Many Twitterers were concerned about employment and domestic job growth. The president highlighted advances his administration made over the course of his term such as the creation of two million private sector jobs over the last 15 months, freezing pay for federal workers and December’s payroll tax cut that put a reported $1,000 extra in the pockets of nearly every American.

He went on to discuss job creation and the infrastructure initiative. “We’re putting people to work right now—including construction workers who were disproportionately unemployed when the housing bubble went bust—to put them to work rebuilding America at a time when interest rates are very low, contractors are looking for work, and the need is there, that is something that could make a huge, positive impact on the economy overall.  And it’s an example of making an investment now that ends up having huge payoffs down the road.”

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