Obama Administration: Cabinet and Key Positions

Secretary Eric H. Holder, Jr.


Attorney General Eric Holder has a long to-do list ranging from cracking down on foreclosure rescue scams to penalizing credit market criminals. He is advising Obama on closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, scheduled for within the year. During his confirmation hearing he called the interrogation method of waterboarding torture. In addition to working with the Treasury Department to try and recover AIG bonuses, the Justice Department has joined the effort to fight drug and arms trafficking in and out of Mexico.  To help resuscitate the sagging news industry he is investigating antitrust policies  to allow newspapers to merge operations.

Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar


Salazar plays an instrumental role in carrying out President Barack Obama’s New Energy for American Plan designed to create a clean energy-based economy that promotes American investment and innovation. Since assuming his post in January, the department has held seven major oil and gas lease sales in an effort to add resources for U.S. domestic energy production. Known for creating and implementing a vision for a renewable energy economy less dependent on foreign oil while in the U.S. Senate, from 2004-2009, Salazar brings that same zeal to his post as secretary of the Interior Department.

Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack


The U.S. Department of Agriculture started disbursing the first wave of $10 billion in guaranteed housing loans this month to help spur economic and home ownership opportunities in rural America.  Under Vilsack, the USDA is also ramping up efforts to modernize rural communities with the expansion of broadband service, affordable and energy efficient housing, and increased opportunities for small businesses.

Secretary Gary F. Locke


Locke’s primary responsibilities include carrying out the 2010 Census. To ensure this task is done effectively, he joined 250 national partners in launching outreach efforts to increase the number of Census volunteers.  The former Washington governor is also in charge of expanding the country’s broadband infrastructure and brining economic development to communities hardest hit by the recession. During his two terms in Washington, Locke arduously worked to dismantle trade barriers around the globe to advance American products.

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