One Man’s Journey from Hillary to Barack

the NRA, and advocates the teaching of creationism in public schools.  (If you thought the Scopes Monkey Trial put this issue aside, think again).

We need to move forward, not back.  If you still want to vote for Hillary, you must vote against Sarah Palin.

If that argument isn’t enough, just remember there are four members of the Supreme Court who are older than McCain is now, and he is the oldest person to ever capture a major party nomination.  He has been treated for cancer four times.  Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President, not by a long shot.

I think Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court is a wonderful idea, and I think Barack Obama is the man to put her there.  Hillary can and still will make history.

If you have not taken a good look at Barack Obama, I ask to you please watch his acceptance speech given in front of myself and 83,999 people at Mile High Stadium.

I’ve gone from pessimist to optimist. I’ve gone from bitter to hopeful.  I’ve become a proud American again and I am proud to support Barack Obama as my choice for the next president of the United States.

Andrew Wadium heads up the public relations team for Black Enterprise.

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  • dorothy

    I am so glad that you changed your mind, because I voted for Barack Obama, from the very beginning, because he is a Leader that I can trust with Character, and great Judgement and Wisdom. He is a man that has Intergrity, and Leads by Example, I have watched him for 18 months, it is Time for a Change in the White House.
    John McCain, and Valerie Plane, I have many questions, Where was John McCain, born, what does his Birth Certificate state, and he was a Bigamist, with an Elilist wife who not had a Drug habit, but stole them, and he runs very negative ads that attacked his opponents character. What is John McCain, saying about his on Judgement and ability to be Commander in Chief, when he has selected a VP, with less experience with his own age, and is under Investigation, with a pregnant 17 year old daughter. John McCain, appears to being telling the People of this country, he Wants to Win, the campaign, at Any Cost, that is not putting the Country or the People of the United States First.

    Dorothy, Obama 08′