One Year Later, Gulf Oil Spill Continues to Impede Gulf Progress

Consequences of the disaster affect jobs, health, and economic recourse

  • Health Problems
  • NOAA contends that Gulf beaches and surrounding areas can be safely occupied for recreation and work. To anesthetize any concern about safety on the Gulf Coast, President Barack Obama and his family swam in the water and ate the seafood sourced from the Gulf while vacationing in Panama City, Florida, last fall.
  • While the Gulf water may be safe now, some people believe that they are suffering from medical problems associated with the oil spill.
  • “People along the coast are still having health problems due to the oil spill, including respiratory, dermatological, and digestive health problems,” said Stephen Bradberry, Executive Director of the Alliance Institute’s Gulf Coast Fund Adviser in the NAACP report. “The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not accepting health claims, so people who have gotten sick and are now unable to work don’t have the money to pay their medical bills.”
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