At Least 52 House Democrats Will Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

Dozens of lawmakers say they will not attend the inauguration following Trump's Twitter attack on Rep. John Lewis

(Image: Congressman John Lewis

More than four dozen—52, as of Tuesday—House Democrats will be boycotting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

While some Democratic lawmakers had made their decision to sit out in previous weeks, several more came forward in recent days, citing the president-elect’s perceived insult of Georgia Congressman John Lewis as the final straw, reports ABC News. Many of them took to Twitter with their announcements; Time listed the House Democrats boycotting the inauguration.

Lewis is the last living organizer of the historic 1963 March on Washington. He is known for leading civil rights protests, including the infamous 1965 march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, in which state troopers brutally attacked the crowd.

Lewis had declared that he would boycott the inauguration, because he doesn’t see Trump as a “legitimate” president, in light of Russian interference. “You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong,” Lewis told NBC News, in an interview for Meet the Press.


Trump’s Twitter Tirade


President-elect Trump fired back on Twitter, calling Lewis “all talk, talk, talk” and “no action,” and said that he should focus more on “fixing” and helping his Atlanta-area district, “which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested), rather than falsely complaining about the election results.”

Some Democratic members of Congress have said they will be protesting in Washington, D.C. and in their districts, instead. California Rep. Barbara Lee plans to spend the day preparing for resistance. “Donald Trump has proven that his administration will normalize the most extreme fringes of the Republican Party. On Inauguration Day, I will not be celebrating. I will be organizing and preparing for resistance,” she said in a statement.

New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez will be participating in the scheduled women’s march, protesting policies that activists say hurt women. “I will not be attending [the] inauguration of @realDonaldTrump but WILL participate in the @womensmarch on January 21st,” she tweeted.


Bush Inauguration Boycott


Newspapers cite the boycott as an unprecedented act. During his Meet The Press interview, Lewis said that this would be the first time since he was sworn-in that he has missed an inauguration.

In a pair of tweets, Trump cited a Washington Post report, in an effort to call Lewis out, posting, “John Lewis said about my inauguration, ‘It will be the first one that I’ve missed.’ WRONG (or lie)! He boycotted Bush 43 also thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush’s swearing-in….he doesn’t believe Bush is the true elected president. Sound familiar!”

According to a Washington Post article, written on January 21, 2001, Lewis and other members of the Black Caucus did boycott George W. Bush’s inauguration, because of questions surrounding his Florida recount victory over Al Gore. At the time, he and others didn’t “believe Bush was the true, elected president,” and Lewis spent the day in his Atlanta district.

Lewis recently joined Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey in testifying against Senator Jeff Sessions for the Cabinet post of Attorney General during the Congressional Confirmation Hearings. Last year, Lewis also lead a Congressional sit-in of roughly 60 legislators pushing for gun control votes.

  • Greg Mundy

    It is stupid black representatives like this is the reason that 50% of black children in this country are living in poverty.  We need someone who can work with this President to get him to do something for black people instead of someone who disrespect him and the one who get hurt are not the black representatives, but the black communities.   By disrespecting this President is definitely not going to help black people at all.  I hope that the President ignore this stupidity and know that it is only the fools in Congress who don’t want him , not the black people who needs President Trump.  What the hell do we have to lose, with black representative like these, a lot!

    • Shawn Stuckey

      You are the definition of a racist, because of your comments. You are stating the obvious about the African-American condition, why? Has everyone who came to this country by force (aka slavery), or their own will had a fair opportunity to provide for their families, and build generational wealth for their families? NO!!!! I know what your response is…”if you don’t like it go back to Africa”…Well, we can’t because so few of African-Americans know what part of Africa their ancestors were stolen from….And you know why that it is? An entire race of people were hijacked, striped from their country, families, names, language by another race of people (aka racist).
      Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another:

    • Thomas

      Actually, your statement regarding Black Children is stupid. When an individual (Donald Trump) does not admit to his wrong doing towards, Woman and People of Color, but yet he thinks that the best way to fix his image, in regards to his frivolous statements, is by holding private meetings with African-American Athletes, Comedians and Rappers, then he has a lot to learn about “Woke” African-Americans …by the way, if you are in agreement with the Administration Donald Trump has assembled, then you truly have not done your research regarding his appointees…another thing, since you used the word Black, I will too in return…Blacks need to take responsibility for their situations and the best way to fix this is by putting down guns and picking up books…Donald Trump truly does not have the Black Community on his list of things to do/fix…if he did, Sessions, Pence and a few others would not be on his team…also, there are far more Blacks against Trump then you care to admit…as always, “ENJOY!!!”

  • sherry Sapp

    I am grateful to see that we have at least 52 lawmakers with character and principles.Thank you all!

  • Kevin

    It is clear the democrats are looking for any reason to boycott. If it hadn’t been the alleged slight to Congressman Lewis it would have been something else. It is a concerted effort to delegitimize the President Elect. I am not surprised though. The party of slavery, secession, segregation, the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, poll taxes and literacy tests has always been the party of open mindedness, fairness and fair play. Right?

  • Bobbi

    Boycotting a Presidential Inaugeration when you are working for the United States Government and “we the people” should be against everything that the United States stands for. You may not personally like the new President, but you need to respect the actual position, not the person. Didn’t President Obama state that in order to get things changed that people need to be involved, and to never forget that voting and stating your opinions is how things get done. I don’t believe President Obama is going to turn his back on our country, and neither should we or any of the officials. If any of the public officials boycott the Presidential Inaugeration, this tells me that the official whether democrat or republican does not have the best interest of our country at heart. By being involved in our country, then you know that the public official loves our country, and is doing the job of what he or she was elected to do. I pray that all elected officials do not boycott the Presidential Inaugeration!

  • John

    Wow the demicratic party has not only lied to the American people but tried its best to divide and spread hate. First they lie and cheat bernie out of a fair election ,now this. The democratic party is finished for at least the next 16 yrs.