Is America Great Again for White, Straight Men Under Jeff Sessions?

Confirmation of Trump's pick for Attorney General ushers in ultraconservative leadership at the Justice Department

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump made a strong push for ultraconservative leadership at the Justice Department with his nomination for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Never in recent memory has a nominee for U.S. Attorney General faced such united and widespread opposition as the former Alabama senator.

According to a post from the National Urban League President Marc Morial, “Trump set the stage for an unprecedented rollback of racial justice, immigration policy, LGBTQ rights, and gender equality, among other hard-fought for gains in the American struggle towards equality for all its citizens.” Sessions opposed gay marriage and the inclusion of sexual orientation as a federal hate crime.

“Nothing in Sen. Sessions’ public life since 1986 has convinced us that he is a different man than the 39-year-old attorney who was deemed too racially insensitive to be a federal district court judge,” Morial said in a statement ON NUL’s website prior to the confirmation, reiterating a statement from a letter by a group of more than 1,100 law school professors protesting Session’s nomination.


Sessions Deemed Unfit to Serve


Echoing the sentiment that Sessions is unfit to serve as the chief enforcer of civil rights laws is Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “The Senate has made a grave mistake in confirming Jeff Sessions to be attorney general,” he said in a statement in response to the Senate confirmation of Sessions.

“Sessions’ hearing and record of failing to uphold America’s ideals of justice and equality for all show he is unfit to be our nation’s top law enforcement official. He has no place leading our nation’s enforcement of civil rights and voting rights laws or implementing our nation’s desperately needed reforms to policing,” said Wade.


Justice for the President, Not the People


News reports attempting to paint Sessions as a civil rights advocate point to incidents where he prosecuted a Ku Klux Klan member and stood by legislation that honored civil rights leader Rosa Parks. However, Wade argues that Sessions has an extreme 30-year record of demonizing these communities and has built his career on disregarding the rule of law and fueling hostility toward the protection of civil rights. He sees Sessions as an early cheerleader for Donald Trump. “He failed to prove that he would serve as the people’s lawyer, not the president’s.”

Senate Republicans silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren when she tried to read a 30-year-old letter from Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor that opposed Sessions’ previous unsuccessful nomination for a federal judgeship. Scott King had written that, as a federal prosecutor, Sessions used his power to ‘chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens.’

Just before the final vote, other Americans loudly voiced their opinion, including over 1 million who submitted a petition urging senators to oppose Sessions’ nomination.

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  • Alter Boy Villegas

    As a Latino American I am offended by this leftist article. This is not a black or white thing. It is about rule of our laws . As far as the want to be Indian Elizabeth Warren she was out of line. Please all I ask is to give our president a chance . Though we did not like Obama we let him govern .

    • Lover0088

      Who is We?….

    • MadMaxx63

      Do you recall any protests when Obama was elected? Do you recall any education institutions cancelling school because their students were too upset to take exams when Obama was elected? Do you recall any towns or businesses getting destroyed when Obama was elected? Do you recall government officials stating they would not work with Obama if he were elected?
      You’re thinking with a normal brain that wants us all to be equal and work together to solve our problems. The left doesn’t work that way!
      My buddies sister is extremely left…she and her husband purchased a fixer upper in the Boston area. A nice elderly black woman was living there with the govt paying her rent tab. They kicked her out, fixed up the home and rented it for so high, she couldn’t afford it. And the sister claims her brother is an evil Conservative person. How blind they can be!

      • Studying_Nomad

        What world did you live in for the last eight years? The gov shut down bc folks didn’t want to work with Obama.

        You continue on with your antidotal evidence to support the us v. them narrative you digested. The left is the boogieman today, but somehow the left becomes the ideals of the conservatives tomorrow. Smh. History is lost and humans are being bombarded with nonsense while being slowly stripped away of their livelihoods. Keep the us v. them fight alive bc it keeps us little folk all busy down here while the paramitors of power continue to change up there.

        • MadMaxx63

          Oh, so Obama DIDN’T shut my job down for 3 weeks? The Conservatives did that, right? Because Obama worked so well with Congress, he blew a trillion dollars a year and certainly didn’t have a problem using executive orders like they were free! The left is the boogieman to the right and vice versaL go get an education in something other than the liberal arts, like my satellite repair guy did, get a job or join the military to grow a pair and quit your whining. History is lost and blah blah blah…keep studying…Nomad.

  • Odin

    Of all the possible candidates for this position Trump picks one that has the biggest potential downside. Why? Why??

    • MadMaxx63

      Agreed! They all seem to do that for some reason.

  • MadMaxx63

    Wow…for a second there, I thought I was reading a racist article on a racist website. Whew, glad THAT wasn’t true!

  • Bill Peggy

    So much for the legal medical marijuana laws. I see serious trouble ahead. This is the man who said “No reasonable people smoke marijuana!”

  • cloudslicer

    I am waiting for Mr Sessions to close the book on the Clinton crime family.

  • gwhizdome

    Why does the left have to look for excuses for their failures? They should be looking to clean up the scourge that is menacing their race and creating the negativity. Instead they can’t wait to find an old white guy to blame it on.