Somewhere in America, Today Is Election Day

More than a third of the total vote for president will be cast before November 8

Election Day

No, that headline is not a misprint.

In states all throughout the nation, people are voting at their local polling places, court houses, schools, and even in their kitchens. In fact, millions of people will cast a vote for the candidate of their choice before November 8, making up more than a third of the total votes for president. The question is: will you be one of them?

Early voting takes many forms, including vote by mail and visiting designated precincts and absentee ballots. However, before you can vote early, you need to ensure that you are registered to vote. Visit to check your registration. If you’re not registered, you can knock it out right there online in no time.

Early voting is great for everyone, but it is especially important for seniors, people who work during voting hours on Election Day, and students attending school outside their normal voting jurisdiction. This idea of early voting has been with us for some time. Each year, we see more people participating in this process. It is a critical time for campaigns, as early voting is an opportunity to “bank votes” before the scheduled Election Day.

Democrats have performed best in the early vote test the past several presidential election cycles, with more than a third of the total votes cast during the early voting period in 2008 and 2012. This is a great advantage to campaigns, which usually work from a calculation of projected votes needed to win. The calculations are often based on voting precincts and neighborhoods favorable to that candidate. The more votes that are cast early in a particular area, the sooner the campaigns know how they are performing and the number of actual votes needed on Election Day. This also allows the campaign to shift resources to targeted areas, as needed.

While early voting is really convenient and allows you to avoid waiting in long lines as well as other challenges we see on Election Day, it is also incredibly helpful to campaigns in their broader, get-out-the-vote efforts. In fact, a candidate can lose the head-to-head vote on Election Day, but still win the state because they won during the early vote stage.

Now, there are some who believe this early voting is unfair. We have seen challenges to these efforts throughout the country in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin—to name a few. In some places, the number of days for early voting has been cut, weekend voting has been eliminated, and mail-in ballots are more heavily scrutinized; all in the name of reducing voter fraud, when there has been no proof of prevalent fraud anywhere in the country.

In fact, what we see much more are efforts to suppress the vote, particularly in communities of color, which traditionally vote more for Democrats. Notices posted that give misinformation on voting site changes, law enforcement’s heavier presence near voting precincts, and even the existence of mailed notices saying that Election Day has passed are not uncommon tactics. One of the best ways to combat this effort is to (you guessed it) vote early.

In many places in America, today is Election Day. To find out more about the early voting rules where you live, click here. Also, don’t forget to check your voter registration or register to vote at

Cast your vote early and make sure it counts.

Corey Ealons is a partner with VOX Global, a public affairs communications firm based in Washington, DC, and a former White House spokesperson for President Barack Obama. Follow him on Twitter: @CoreyEalons and LinkedIn.

  • Bernie

    Here are 20 reasons why I think Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a terrible President.
    1) I don’t trust her. The email scandal just about summed up her complete inability to tell the truth. An expert lawyer who became Secretary of State with multiple BlackBerries but didn’t have a clue how emails or servers work or what constitutes classified material? Oh please, Madam Pinocchio, do you think we’re all completely stupid?
    2) She’s greedy. I mean properly, outrageously, snout-in-the-trough avaricious. A woman who for decades has exploited her political status to fill her boots with tens of millions of dollars, fueled by $200k-a-pop speeches from her Wall Street chums like Goldman Sachs.
    3) Hillary’s a rank hypocrite. She bangs on ad nauseam about women’s rights but sucks up to and solicits cash for the Clinton Foundation from draconian regimes like Saudi Arabia that stone women to death and refuse to let them even drive cars.
    4) She’s a dangerous war-mongerer. The Iraq War was an unmitigated fiasco that led to turmoil throughout the Middle East and spurred the rise of ISIS. It was the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam and Hillary voted for it. She was also heavily responsible for the dismal Libya invasion. When people say they don’t trust Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger, I suggest Hillary the Hawk is far more likely to press it.
    5) She’s a flip-flopper extraordinaire. On endless issues from Iraq to gay marriage, Israel to TPP and the Keystone Pipeline, Hillary will say one thing but think nothing of saying the complete opposite later if it’s politically expedient.
    6) She has a chronic superiority complex. Never was this more vividly exposed than with her disgraceful comment that half of Trump’s supporters were ‘a basket of deplorables’. That’s tens of millions of fellow Americans she was insulting, many of them honest, hard-working people.
    7) She’s an embellisher of stories to make herself look better. We all remember her heroic tale of having to flee sniper fire in Bosnia with her daughter Chelsea in 1996. There was just one problem – she didn’t.
    8) She’s held lots of jobs but performed none of them particularly well. As Secretary of State she was widely considered inefficient, ineffectual and complacent – sometimes to lethal consequence as we saw with the Benghazi fiasco that cost the lives of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Hillary’s undeniably very experienced, but how valuable is all that experience if you’ve never excelled at anything you’ve done?
    9) She’s oddly charmless. I’ve watched her speaking at the debates and various rallies, and indeed at last night’s Al Smith dinner, and she exudes the warmth and wit of a sour-faced Pit Bull terrier. As for that perpetual creepy Jack Nicholson ‘Shining’ smirk she does.. UGH
    10)Her health remains a major concern. That video of her keeling over after leaving a 9/11 memorial service was deeply troubling. Particularly when we know she had a serious head injury after passing out in 2012. Hillary is 69 next week and doesn’t exude good health, fitness or vitality, which are fairly essential components of being a modern day President. Trump’s 70 but has extraordinarily impressive energy.
    11)She carries with her a dripping sense of entitlement based on her gender that is deeply irritating. Hillary may as well have two tattoos on her forehead proclaiming: ‘Born to be First Female President’ and ‘Vote for me – I’m a woman!’
    12)She wouldn’t inspire me to open a cookie jar, and I normally need no encouragement to do that. Contrast her oratory style with someone like Michelle Obama – whose fire and passion has electrified this race in recent weeks. Hillary’s a dull, lifeless, robotic speaker by comparison.
    13)She’s not Bill, one of the smartest, most brilliantly charismatic politicians America has ever seen. There’s a sense with Hillary that she’s riding on the coattails of her husband’s huge popularity. Would she be anywhere near winning the presidency if many Americans weren’t thinking this was a way of getting Bill back to the White House too? I don’t think so.
    14)I fear that beneath the constant, smug, apple-cheeked smirk lies a fairly unpleasant piece of work. Former Secret Service agents have painted a picture of a vengeful, mistrustful, abusive, angry, sarcastic, demanding, disorganized, unpunctual boss.
    15)She would push for a new cold war with Russia in an effort to prove her toughness with Vladimir Putin. You can tell this by the hateful rhetoric which spews from her mouth every time she mentions his name. This is a very worrying thing for the world.
    16)Republicans hate her even more than they hate President Obama. This will be a massive issue if she wins. Obama’s woeful inability to do business with the opposition rendered him incapable of even passing a single new gun law after Sandy Hook. What hope for Hillary, with all her Washington enemy-making over the past 40 years, to achieve any meaningful deals?
    17)Her baggage is horrendous. From Whitewater to Vince Foster, Hillary’s past is scandalously dubious and troublesome. Does this matter? Yes. It goes to the heart of her character. She’s dodgy, period.
    18)The way she attacked Bill’s lovers in the past leaves an unedifying taste in the mouth given all her lofty moral pronouncements about the way Trump treats women. Hillary didn’t just stand by her philandering man, she trashed the women he bedded. Very unfortunate for the self-styled Emmeline Pankhurst of US politics.
    19)She’s chillingly ambitious to the expense of anything else in her life. It seeps from every pore. This is a career politician who has repeatedly shown she will trample over anyone and anything that gets in her way, and who conveniently overlooks moral and ethical issues if they don’t suit her agenda or progression to power.
    20) Madonna has offered to perform free oral sex for anyone who votes for Hillary. I literally cannot think of a single more compelling reason not to vote for her.