Private-Equity Firms Seek to Expand Influence in Obama Era

Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency means there are no more excuses. At the end of the day, a coalition of those in the corporate space and financial arena to become real strategic partners will create real wealth in our community.”

Derek T. Dingle is the editor in chief of Black Enterprise magazine.

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  • Alphonso Lott

    I would like to have some contact numbers to these organizations.

  • Peterr Cabaniss

    I am glad to see that the industrial and financial leaders of our largetst black owned companies are meeting to discuss the sea change that will transpire with an Obama presidency.

    My wish is that they will remember to reach a hand-out to the many struggling young and middle aged business professionals who are still working on achieving their dream. Too many times when the wealthest among us meet, they just strengthen their ties to each other, and their wealth circulates in small circles.

    I ask all of the attendees to look beyond their friends in the room and to take into account those of use who wish to work along their side so that we can help increase the wealth of all.

  • You are so right, the wealthy tends to stick with the wealthy. Well I am wealthy, however it is not in $ as it is with faith.
    I have a great idea to help relieve the one million students dropping out of school each year here in the United States. Those that I have discussed it with say it is a big project and I say it is no bigger than the one addressed in helping children from other countries. It is small compared to the rewards of success for the 120 live-in students it will be addressing.
    The school is named Professionals at Work (Making the Education Connection) It will be composed of two buildings. One building will house the students, and it will also be a hotel, while the other building will rent out suites to small businesses and live in staff, the library, and six transitional rooms for graduating students going to college.The main hotel has 255 rooms of which 80 rooms will be used for the students, renting out 175 to the public, and a restaurant. The students will learn about property management, and all skills related to operating a business, marketing, sales, promotions, housekeeping, serving the public, while applying their educational skills to the daily operation of the business.
    Our youth are being robbed and especially the ones deemed “at risk” of the right to be educated. I believe that this program will give these youth the chance to be a valuable asset to our communities in the years to come and reach back to help those in the position they are in today. We often ask the question: “what is happening to our youth”? Well, as adults, parents, citizens and educators we must address the needs of these youth as our needs were addressed when we were in school. School has become a place of fear and intimidation for a lot of our students and we must change the character of what we expect from them. Children are now stepping into adult roles well before their time and we must change the direction of our society. We can not afford to invest in prisons, we must invest in our children, right here in America.
    Yes, I am looking for investors of tomorrow leaders in our communities, not the prison system. Are you interested in being a part of an innovative program that will give you back your investment 1000 fold? Are you willing to come out of your comfort zone and give someone a helping hand. Don’t just keep your tight little circle open up and let the aspiring contributor in, together a difference can be made if you invest in your own country. Remember this is how we lost a lot of our jobs, outsourcing and calling it extending world trade. Come on back home and invest in the youth of America!

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